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This Week, March 25th - 30th

Tuesday, March 25th


Wednesday, March 26th


Artist Emmy Lou will share how art and artistic techniques relate to mental health.

This is a FREE educational event.


Hey guys! During this I will speak some about mental health and how it relates to art! We will discuss different stages/types/ principles of mental health and illness to get a better understanding of the world, yourself, and the people around us. Mental health can be very personal and well expressed through art in any form! Feel free to discuss your own mental health, troubles, or positives in your life with the group or I personally~ In this we will create art by applying our emotions and things effecting our lives by working together or with others, everything is up to you just express express express!

Bring your own supplies or supplies to share

Mediums and expression is all up to you so dont be afraid!

-Digital art
-Print making
-Performance Art

Do and say whatever makes you comfortable
Feel free to message or email me with any questions



Thursday, March 27


Learn more about presenting artist Tiffany Razzano:
For the past two years, Tiffany Razzano has built Pinellas-based Wordier Than Thou into a well-regarded literary arts organization, bringing monthly storytelling and prose open-mic events, book release parties, themed live readings and panels to the public.
Last year, the group published their first literary journal—featuring some 15 local authors—and they are hoping to make it an annual.
After obtaining 501(c)3 status with support from Showcase Arts Foundation Inc. in Dunedin, Razzano is ready to put together the second volume of the Wordier Than Thou literature magazine. She’s currently accepting submissions of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
FEAST funds could assist her in printing this volume of the journal. The release of Volume Two will be shared with the community through an official release party and reading from the published writers.
Here's a look at Volume One:
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Learn more about one of our presenting artists, Robin Borland:
Robin Borland is currently receiving a Masters in Art in Medicine from the University of Florida. She has started three programs in Pinellas County that apply toward her 130 clinical hours of field work in Art and Health disciplines. These programs help teens with addictions, teens at risk and veterans to take control of their lives by using art to bring structure to their week and engage them in the creative proc...
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A little funding can go a long way!
Four exciting cultural projects – each very different, but with equal potential to impact Pinellas communities — will be featured at the Beach FEAST micro-funding dinner on March 27, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Beach Art Center.|By Mitzi Gordon
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Creative Pinellas changed the time of the event to be Thursday, 6:30pm - 9:00pm in EDT.
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Order tickets via Eventbrite:

Thursday, March 27, 2014
6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Beach Art Center
1515 Bay Palm Boulevard, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Come FEAST with us!
Join the local micro-funding revolution with this FEAST event from Creative Pinellas, and enjoy delicious heavy hors d'oeuvres by Chef Scott Bebell of Guppy's on the Beach Grill & Bar, all while supporting ambitious and exciting cultural projects by these artists:

Robin Borland is seeking support for her workshop series that provides art therapy to veterans.

Chad Mize hopes to create collaborative public art murals.

Tiffany Razzano plans to publish the second volume of her Wordier Than Thou magazine. 



We are pleased to announce we are showcasing 4 new artists of the Florida Folk Scene this Thursday at Green Bench Brewing Co., two of which are members of great FL bands Alexander & the Grapes and This Frontier Needs Heroes!

This will also be our last showcase for a couple weeks, as we are scheduling the event twice month starting in April, so definitely get yourself out there! ∞


Philip Charos
(of: Alexander & the Grapes)

(featuring: Brad Lauretti of This Frontier Needs Heroes)

Bob Anthony

Guthrie Stephens McInc

When? MAR 27th - 7:00PM
Where? Green Bench Brewing Co.

The Florida Folk Scene is an organization of folk musicians from all over the state of Florida whose mission is to organize, support and expose folk artists.

Green Bench Brewing Co. and the FFS have paired together to create a showcase every other Thursday that acts as a foundation for the exposure of members of the Florida Folk Scene.

Every showcase will feature 3-4 members of the Florida Folk Scene from St. Petersburg and around the state of Florida.

Thanks for supporting your local and state wide music scenes!

The Florida Folk Scene


Friday, March 28th



*Mainstage Performances at 9PM & 11PM both evenings

Performance art provocateurs Coco & Homo, in collaboration with Laura Spencer Illustrates, present SexXx Dreams, an immersive experience and exhibition; pushing the boundaries and taboos of sexuality, gender and fetish. 50+ artists, burlesque performers, musicians, actors and cabaret artists will collaborate to present a sensual, stimulating, and voyeuristic performance and visual experience like no other. Never before have so many artists from so many different mediums been in one place! All proceeds from alcohol sales at SexXx Dreams will support Equality Florida.

Buy tickets at

Coco & Homo
Vita DeVoid
Franki Markstone
Addison Panic
Will Rotten
Miss Vulva VaVoom
and more!

Aaron Aitchison : Aurailieus Artist : BASK
David Malcolm Bewley : Lonnie Bowen : Joseph Burnsed
Jerry Cahill : Jenipher Chandley : W Herb Clark
Sebastian Coolidge : Mia Culbertson : Demee DemiGod
DollFace : Perry Anne DeVick : Derek Donnelley
Boo Ehrsam : William Everett : Dsyfunctional Grace
Dominice Gilbert : Alex Glueck : Reid Jenkins
Carla Kaufman : Chris Kaufman : Steven Kenny
Rebecca Ki : Joe Lemire : Noe Lozano : Chuck Majewski
Samantha Mancino : Femily Killer : Eli Minaya : Chad Mize Saori Murphy : Joanne Osborn : Danielle Otrakji
James Olsen : Zulu Painter : Pale Horse : Robert Phelps
Josh Poll : Johnnie Profhet : Calan Ree : George Retkes
Thomas Ris : Justin Runfola : Rion Sabean
Xina Scuderi : Dani Sigler : Laura Spencer
Scott Spillman : John Suarez :Cassandra Wahuhi
Justin Wagher : Tyrell Waiters : Jameson Wilkins


Tampa Museum of Art

Luis Gottardi

This will be a panel discussion focusing on the legacy and importance of black women in the arts as both artists and subject. Presenters will offer perspectives and experiences from different artistic mediums and discuss the value of self-expression, self-esteem building and healing powers for black women who engage in the arts.

This will be a very engaging discussion that you don't want to miss.


2240 Ninth Ave South. Saint Petersburg 

ohn Gascot, of Italian and Puerto Rican heritage honors his Feminine Roots. His mother (the Italian side) encouraged John's love and admiration of women and instilled in him a great pride of his Latino ancestry. The female form dominates a vast majority of his canvases. The figures he paints are large and curvaceous, but their mass speaks more about strength and presence than physical size. At times, these female subjects represent John's mother and the women who raised him, whose larger-than-life personas taught the importance of self-expression. "Often, they illustrate my own connection to femininity, defying gender roles and machismo traditionally dictated by my Latino heritage. I strive to make art that is accessible and promotes diversity."

More about John: John Gascot was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, where he spent the first twelve years of his life. His Italian American mother moved there from Rockaway beach NY after falling in love with the island, its people and its culture. She went there not knowing a word of Spanish and made a life for herself . There she met John’s father. Unfortunately he was not present in his upbringing but his mother took on the roles of mother and father as best she could. He grew up surrounded and supported by a group of strong and larger than life women, who are the main source of inspiration for his paintings. Island life and the Latino experience also are of great inspiration.

John”s formal education is in playwriting and acting, and in his youth he worked as a makeup artist. He first started creating as a child through drawings, but came to consider himself a visual artist approximately 15 years ago during a time that he started painting while co-owner of A.P.A Gallery in Milford, PA. John would paint to pass the time while gallery sitting, and eventually visitors noticed the works on his easel. They began to make their way onto the gallery walls and subsequently into people’s homes.

In between his Latin Pop paintings, John likes to experiment with abstracts, a great way to shake things up and get new ideas going in his head. Music, popular culture and current events are always a good jumping off point for new works too.

John’s favorite artists are Picasso, Fernand Leger, Stuart Davis, Botero, Keith Haring, Max Beckmann, …SO many! But also artists that often go without much recognition, such as Aboriginal, Haitian, African and Mexican Folk Art.

1018 Central Ave  Saint Petersburg. Starts at 6 PM


4501 N. Florida Ave. Tampa

Join us for a night of beautiful and wild rock 'n' roll from bands all over the Bay area.

Musical groups performing include:

ARCHAiC INTEREST - dreamy surfy sounds emerging from the St. Pete rip tides

Heavy Metals- (aka the Florida Kilos) psychedelic thrillers and killers

Florida Night Heat- Limey Grimy power trio kickin out jams from Tampa

Sonic Graffiti- s0niC vandals

Captain Trips- new band from st pete, bringin some rock and a lil bit of roll

The show is just 5 dollars, doors at 8 and music at 9, BYOB

Let us all enjoy some great local music and art!

2621 Fairfield Ave St. Pete/


Why bother with poetry? What is it all about anyway? This class will cover some of the history, theory, and practice of poetic expression. From the earliest pre-literate oral traditions, to contemporary multimedia forms, poetry has been an essential part of the human experience. We'll discuss how the traditions and disciplines of poetry have shaped human culture, and continue to influence our lives.

1441 E. Fletcher Suite #101, Taleisia Tea Lounge 6:30 PM

Cole Bellamy is the author of three collections of poetry: Lancelot’s Blues, The Mermaid Postcard, and American Museum. His writing has been published in MoonShot, Penumbra, The Louisville Review, Switched-on Gutenberg and The Sandhill Review. He teaches English and Creative Writing at St. Leo University.

Saturday, March 29th

This is your Last Chance to own original art works by Tampa Bay Artist Vincent John Kral. Vince is putting on a liquidation sale of all of his artwork in an attempt to clear his studio. All works will be sold for great steals... He means deals! All works unsold at the end of the day will be destroyed so everything will be priced to sell! Great way for folks wishing to get into collecting art! Vince is really making a name for himself and his work is sure to go up in market value in the next year or so, get in on the ground floor of art speculation and collecting! You too can enjoy the excitement of the game of art collecting!

808 W. Orient Street, Tampa 10 AM.


Come out Saturday, March 29th, for the premiere of Jay Cee's Independent skateboarding video "Raise Hell". Doors open at 1pm with a backyard BBQ, drinks, MINI RAMP, and host DJ Earl Grae. Late daytime performances by Akin Yai & Logan Jonny Rokett Kelley. Video premieres around 7:35pm. Featuring Dan Harper, Roz Lathan, Pj Castellano, Jimmy Mastrocolo, Johnny Goheen, Scott Grimm, Brevor Turke, Anthony Biggs, Nico Mitsakos, TJ Sparks, and many more. All Day event at the Oleson Gallery wrapping up just in time for you to hit the town. See you all there!

Watch the teaser for RAISE HELL here:
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Come out Saturday, March 29th, for the premiere of Jay Cee's Independent skateboarding video "Raise Hell". Doors open at 1pm with a backyard BBQ, drinks, MINI RAMP, and host DJ Earl Grae. Late daytime performances by Akin Yai & Logan Jonny Rokett Kelley. Video premieres around 7:35pm. Featuring Dan Harper, Roz Lathan, Pj Castellano, Jimmy Mastrocolo, Johnny Goheen, Scott Grimm, Brevor Turke, Anthony Biggs, Nico Mitsakos, TJ Sparks, and many more. All Day event at the Oleson Gallery wrapping up just in time for you to hit the town. See you all there!
600 blk.
Watch the teaser for RAISE HELL here:
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Please join us for our store opening event from 6-9pm on Saturday, March 29. We will be featuring dozens of Tampa Bay Area artists who have created one-of-a-kind graphics and added sculptural elements to our hand crafted longboards.

DJ Rozak and Planet Retro will be in the house!

Participating artists:
Trevor Denham
Chuck Majewski
Coralette Damme
Nikki Devereux
Marko Stevens
Saori Murphy
John Allison
Demeree Barth
Jennifer Kosharek
Joshua Whitehead
Mike Rozak
Jon Stine
Kristin Eschenroeder
Gabriel Garling
Willie Labarge
Mark Knoll
Sue Woodall
Daniel James
Wade Slater
Chad Mize
Calan Rae
Zoe Bocik
Frank Strunk III
Dysfunctional Grace
Elena Sarn
Kurt Wright
Brook Eschenroeder
James Rise
...and more as they come in. 600 blk,





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