Saturday, February 27, 2016

This Weekend, Feb 27, 2016


Zii is coming back to Zen Glass Studio!

PHLuid Motion~ Class and Gallery Show.

How can I make my work more dynamic, more animated? How do I create a sense of motion? If these are questions you’ve asked yourself…or not. Then, this is the class for you!

Our class will explore ways to make our work more spirited. We will browse the Zen Glass Gallery to examine the methods used by the artists of the Phluid Motion Show to bring action and mobility to their works. Then we will practice subtle and obvious techniques of moving glass to give our creations energy and vitality. Additionally, a section of the Phluid Motion class will be dedicated to developing our own techniques for making actual moving parts out of glass.

As always, be prepared to work! This class is a great opportunity to challenge yourself.

Feb. 26th will be the Krushmore crew gallery show "Phluid Motion" featuring animated glass in activated positions. Featuring:
Jawn Owens
Filthy Rich
Kathy Teriyaki
Amber Cowan
Jae Solo
Cha Cha Chains
Zach P.
E. F. Norris
Snic Barnes

Feb. 27th & 28th will be the 2 day class. Price is $500 for a watching spot and $650 to participate on the torch.




Join instructors Bridget Elmer of The Southern Letterpress, FL, and Kaitlin Crockett of Oma Darlin’ Press on Saturday February 27th from 10am-4pm for our one-day Letterpress Basics workshop. This class will introduce students to letterpress printing from handset type and photopolymer plates. We will cover typesetting, ink mixing, makeready, and press operation on our flatbed and table top platen presses. Students who complete this course will be eligible to rent studio time at PRINT ST. PETE Community Letterpress, located at 4903 8th Avenue S, on the border of St. Pete and Gulfport. Cost for the workshop is $150 with all materials included. To register, call us at 727-235-6734 or indicate that your are 'Going' to this Facebook event and we will follow up with a Paypal invoice to confirm your registration. Please feeel free to ask any questions you might have.



 Tempus Project, Tampa. A block N. of Nicko's on the left on Florida Ave.
Tempus Projects Presents Solo Exhibition of Brooklyn-based Artist Langdon Graves.

Tampa, FL (February 1, 2016) –Tempus Projects, is proud to present Jamais Vu, a solo exhibition of artwork by Brooklyn-based artist Langdon Graves. Featuring installation, drawing and sculpture, the work will be exhibited in Tempus Projects’ main gallery and adjacent project space.

Jamias vu, a French expression meaning “never seen,” is a psychological phenomenon akin to déjà vu whereby a common-place or recognizable situation suddenly feels unfamiliar. Through the artwork in the exhibition, Graves investigates this phenomenon in the context of a personal childhood experience. 



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