Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photo Explosion II @ Artpool

There are over 150 photographs on display in the Photo Explosion II at the Artpool artist's co-op. In this multiple-use, well-maximized space, they're packed close to each other, but viewers can still get a good feel for each photographer's style.

A few highlights: Phillip Faith's studio portraiture of tribal subjects. Bob Pomeroy's figure studies on aluminum, which have an unusual, polished look. Clinton Lee Brentwood's small figurines on a naked woman's body-landscape. The composite overlays of different exposures by Shannon Buchanan were ethereal and ghostlike, but could have used a little backlighting. Satan contemplating a fire (in color) and other well-done male B&W nudes by Danny K. Bethany Bodenhamer's image of a pool bathed in golden light and a skateboarder's shadow across it  was a simple and lyrically beautiful picture. Jason Jackowski's tiny, jewel-like print of a tree also stood out.

Artpool is an artist's co-op owned and operated by Marina Williams, who is a well-schooled artist-photographer, and reminds me of a local reincarnation of P.T. Barnum in the way she energizes her shows and puts on her famous parties. Marina's Mum and BF also work the co-op.

--- Malcolm

ArtPool, 919 First Ave N., St. Petersburg    The next show at ArtPool will be "UR Toy Story' and will be an International Mail Art Show and Fluxus Performance Party (bring your Mommy and Dada). The opening celebration will be on Saturday, September 11, 7 pm.

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