Friday, August 6, 2010

Why this Blog?

  Why Art Taco? We've been attending many arts venues on both sides of the Bay for decades, know the artists, galleristas, curators, some collectors and many art connoisseurs and amateurs, and taken pictures of a scene we love and appreciate. This blog is our way of contributing to an already vibrant community that celebrates the arts at the museums, galleries and the nurturing estuaries of art.

  This is not a comprehensive effort to cover every event in Tampa and St. Petersburg, only the ones we attend. We are new at blogging, and are learning as we grow, so expect some changes.

    A few weeks ago, the St Pete Times ran an article reporting that St Petersburg was rated the number one destination in Florida for the Arts by the readers of American Style. It is exciting to be a small part of this community.

    Art Taco will blog gallery openings, upcoming shows on a weekly basis, promote the arts, do interviews with community members, profile artists, do some education regarding processes, and respond to readers's questions and input.

     At the moment, there are two of us, Art Taco correspondent and long-time art habitue and documentary photographer, Malcom, and I.

* Why "Taco"? Because art is like a shell that can hold a wide variety of ingredients.


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