Tuesday, November 23, 2010

University of Tampa Plays @ Falk Theater: Sweet Charity

   Last Sunday Art Taco and friends went to see the University of Tampa's production of "Sweet Charity" at the Falk theater. It was directed by Director and choreographer Marguerite Bennett, UT associate professor of speech, theater and dance, along with co-choreographer and UT dance professor Linda Lopez. With two month's rehearsals, they, along with a talented and well-trained cast, brought the classic Neil Simon play to life onstage. Bob Fosse choreographed the original version, and Mss. Bennet and Lopez did a great job there, too.

A wide range of period costumes, seventy in all, were expertly designed and created by Bobby Ann Loper and Frank Chavez.

 Technical director Alex Amyot's sets transformed seamlessly from one scene to another.

The student cast was nothing short of phenomenal, and not just the protagonists but everyone on stage sang, danced and performed their hearts out. Congratulations!

It was an excellent theatrical experience. The run for Sweet Charity is over, but keep an eye on Art Taco's "This Weekend" section for their next play.

--- Luis

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