Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who am I this time?: Point & Shoot Yourself @ Pale Horse

  Pale Horse Design and Gallery is the studio of Graphic Designer Chris Parks. It is a multi-purpose space which occasionally transforms into a gallery, or more recently, into a combination gallery and Halloween Fun House.

Photographs of a cross-country trip by Allen Leper Hampton from a cross-country trip  premiered on the wall. See here.

The team of artists, composed of , Aziritt, Casey Paquet, Chase Donald, Allen Leper Hampton and Pale Horse put together a series of installations designed for participants (no mere spectators here) to take their photographs in various guises and incarnations. There was a Gothic "mirror" to pose in. See here. And here. One could be a large robotic super-hero type, make-up optional, a skeleton in eternal repose for a moment in a coffin (no carbs, no protein), or this (Todd Sweeny, Dracula, or?),  a robot, or a furry-headed tiger or a pig.

It was a delightful, creative, and very photogenic evening.

--- Clint Thomas & Luis

( This report was largely compiled by guest blogger Clint Thomas, printer at Artful Living. He can be seen here. He's the one in costume.)

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