Sunday, October 2, 2011

Street Art: Point/Counterpoint

A difference of opinion expressed here. Note how the original tag is simple and stylish, but the commentary is framed in a speech balloon, and incredibly, has an asterisk in place of the "u" in the f-word. That kind of PC-politeness is very unusual for graffiti. I would bet that it's derived from the internet. It sits in a protected, nearly invisible area which is an oft-used canvas by street artists. Note the Pepto-Bismol Pink paint on the bricks, which is covering earlier Street Art.

Is this inspiring you? Dodge the law and create your own writing here: [Link]

Religious and ideological warfare goes on every day on the street, and not just from the preachers, political parties, etc, but from people tagging surfaces with propaganda. On the left is a simple, artless appeal to potential converts, using patriotism and the let's goosestep in a chorus line, with a sprinkle of nationalism thrown in. Less than four feet away is another opinion...

....a commingling of Egyptian and Catholic symbols here (Bastet-Virgin) fuse into a secular Madonna who spreads her paws and admonishes her brood to "Think, don't PRAY". All sitting in a very public, high-visibility place, but most passers-by are looking stone-faced and straight ahead.

 Bonus Round: This is a very practiced rendering of a face. It looks like it was done with a single, or a few lines. It looks like face, interrupted.

 -- Luis

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