Friday, December 13, 2013

Blue Boy: Moy Loera Solo show at Rhino Gallery

"Blue Boy", the Moy Loera solo show at Rhino Gallery was themed around a character of the same name, with a cloud-like shock of big aqua-blue hair on his head. This character has been developed over several years, becoming increasingly individuated and stylized. It is a minimal figure, composed of hard-edged well-defined outlines and blocks of color within.

Moy Loera and his work.

Sometimes disembodied, as in the painting show above, floating on a cosmic star field, Blue Boy has traces of anime and graffiti influenced, very graphic style. Note the four thought bubbles issuing from his hair towards trhe corners of the frame. (clock-wise)... "True", "Stay Fresh", "Yeah OK" and a heart. These read like basic tenets of the artist.

Work by Moy Loera

In the work above, Blue Boy takes the form of a colorless rectangular box, and the colors are all in cloud-like forms outside the box. Note the black clouds. Blue Boy may  not be laughing, but he still stays positive and smiles.

Work by Moy Loera.

In the work above, Blue Boy's thought bubble is in an ideal form, the diamond. Look closer, there is a face in the facets, with a narrow jaw and ears, looking very fox-like. This is a fox-like visage and to give it away, just happens to be the nagual of Melissa Loera (also an artist). Moy is one of several personal symbolists we have in the area. His work is more accessible than most, deceptively simple, graphic in style and conceptually strong.

Congratulations to Moy Loera and Rhino Studios for a good show.

--- Luis

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