Tuesday, May 13, 2014


 The number of 1-2 night shows seems to be steadily increasing in the Tampa Bay area. The one-nighters last about 4-5 hours! I understand tying up donated space, as in Regions Bank, for example. However, many galleries are also doing this. Some multitasking spaces basically use art (and artists) as cheap wallpaper. A particular large space on 9th comes to mind.

With installations, some are very difficult to maintain, specially if they include animals and/or fish, Like Eva Avenue's memorable Gold Room, and installations also rarely result in sales -- and take up a lot of floor space.

The short lives of these shows also severely limit the possibility for artists to sell work, though the majority of  work tends to sell on opening night. It serves the community to have accessibility to shows for more than a night or two, though it can be argued that very few people in this area go to galleries during the week.

When it comes to shows funded by grants, it seems absurd to invest money into a project that lasts one-third the flight of a Mayfly.

--- Luis


  1. Love you Luis, but can't agree with everything in your post. Art and entertainment have become artitainment. I think it is a good marriage! It brings people to the art that would never other wise see it. As far as cheap wallpaper goes, the popes have used it for hundreds of years in churches. Really it was propaganda for the church. For the Gold Room show the entire gallery was used by the artist for the show. The gallery knew that there would be no sales and I think it was a generous move for both the artist and the gallery. One night shows have become the norm because of economics. The gallery space is often used to create art that often is commissioned work. I'm sure that if a perspective buyer wanted come in for a potential purchase arrangements will be made for them. I have often been in galleries that were "closed", but would open the doors to anyone that wanted to see the work. The nature of galleries has changed with the times. Artitainment is here to stay. It is fun exciting and the art world constantly needs new eyes on the art. The staid white walled gallery with well educated sometimes snobbish conversation is a victim of evolution. There will always be a few of them around. Now younger gallery owners with new ideas and new art are paving the way for younger collectors. Personally I think it is great!

  2. Psh ok both are right / there is no right. All i know is there has to be the business of art including professionalism and sales. entertainment helps. So its about being able to do both well together. Not just partying and hanging out with friends and picking up ( / PREYING on ) chicks and being told how awesome you are all day long YOU ARE A GOD lol. And not just stuck up rich people and ridiculous high prices and 501 c3. Not just commercialism and sales. Its about a marriage of both. If that's even possible.