Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where are the women muralists of Saint Petersburg?

Seeing the latest murals being painted in Saint Petersburg Florida is good, even if the scene is largely dominated by a handful of artists -- all of whom happen to be men. The majority of the (legal) murals are by Sebastian Coolidge, Derek Donnelly, Tes One, Bask, Chad Mize and a few others.

 Where are the women?

Jennifer Kosharek, Laura Spencer and Rebekkah Lazaridis have done murals in Saint Petersburg, yet are absent from this new ongoing wave. Why? They are not doing large or small jobs. nor being included in collaborations. With grants being disbursed for murals, I think the issue of gender should not be overlooked.

Now is the time to fix this.

--- Luis


  1. there is a simple answer... it's a boy's club. Diane Shelly likes boys.... boys help out other boys. As long as you have a penis... you will do great in the art world of st. pete. And if you make a peep... you will be sidelined even more.... that's why I am writing this anonymously.

  2. maybe they want less drama?