Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2nd Saturday, January 1015, Part I

2nd Saturday, January 2015, Part I: Twenty-three venues, ten hours. Morean Arts Center, three wildly different shows. It was good to see Beth Reynolds, Amanda Cooper, Betsy Lester, Chuck Vosburgh, and many others. So good I went twice! Graphi-ko with Wilmer E. Vergara Homez...Artworks, showing a sneak preview of Ben Cardoso's upcoming show on 1/17....Dysfunctional Grace where a beginning taxidermy class had just wrapped up with some fine work...Strands of Sunshine was closed due to a death of a beloved (missed you, Amy Marshall)....Poppyhollow in the Crislip Arcade....Lesli Pringle Burke across that hall...Michele Michele Beckman Tuegel, who has a fine, nicely curated, Portrait Show in the Foyer Gallery, quite a shift. With Elena Helena Kazakova. Art on First, a large space, had a wide variety of work, notably two pieces by Margaret Juul Ammann...Kahwa South and Chad Mize's solo show....and the Arts Lofts with Rebecca Skelton. End Part I.
The List....

Morean Art Center

Three shows opened at the Morean. A ceramics show, a photography show of beth Reynold's work and her students', and one of paintings.

By the office at Graphi-ko Gallery.

Artworks Space, Ben Cardoso's paintings, a preview of his upcoming show on Cuba.

 Dysfunctional Grace Art Company.

At Poppyhollow gallery in the Crislip Arcade.

Watercolor by Leslie Pringle Burke preparing to illustrate a childrens' book.

At Michele Tuegel Contemporary.

 Art on First Gallery.

Margaret Juul Amman paintings at Art on First.

Work by Chad Mize at Kahwa South.

 Arts Lofts.

Morean Arts Center workshop.

 Morean Arts Center.


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