Saturday, April 4, 2015

This Tell All Weekend, Saturday, APril 4th 2015


A black and white photography show - Month of April 2015

Over the years, a large part of my photography has been inspired by performing artists, especially musicians. Living in the Tampa Bay area, the community is lucky to have a lot of great talent locally, as well as a some great venues that draw outside musicians. I have been lucky to be able to follow that scene and somewhat obsessively photograph those moments. This show is a small tribute to a group as a whole who have inspired and moved me.

This show will be up for the whole month of April till May 1st. Please stop by at your convenience and leave your comments here.

Khalid Hameed

Opens Saturday



Poetry Night for the Cuban Sandwich show. A stellar line-up at Grown man Studios at 6412 N. Central Ave., Tampa. starts at 7:30


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