Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fill The Jugs @ Cafe Hey

Last Saturday, Cafe Hey held a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. As usual at the cafe, Door Stop productions, headed by Nyssa Hanger hosted.

The show began in the cafe, with "Dr. Dre", AKA Andrea, singing the "Lightbulb Song" in her high-pitched gentle voice. The "Facial Hair" song followed, a funny and insightful song about relationships.

By the N. window, Nicole painted faces beautifully. People sat at the sidewalk tables and milled around the tables with the silent auctions, raffle tickets and more.

Andrea's sister Immeka followed. Relaxed and confident onstage, she sang several songs & joked with the audience. She sang "Long Road Home", "Terra (sic) Incognito", and the delightful Kraaken song about a mythical friend that lives underwater (reminiscent of, but happier than an old Peter, Pal and Mary song titled: "Puff The Magic Dragon"). She closed with a moving interpretation of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". Incredibly, Immeka is fourteen years old.

Outside, a beautiful belly-dancer shimmied gracefully across the sidewalk between the main of the cafe, and its annex. Larry started the music in that room with an earnest and spirited "Get the job done".
His song about Jim Morrison ("A guy looking for his muse is hard to find") honored the process of becoming an artist. Larry, who teaches music to some of the other musicians mentioned, was followed by Grazieli, who played guitar and sang in her low, sultry voice. You can see a video of her singing at Cafe Hey during another event here.

Back in the main room of the cafe, Cole read his mythological and awesome poem "Alligator".

Joe Riga did his ironic brand of comedy. He was followed by 'Eternal', who read his sad, hopeful and beautifully passionate poem, "Desperate".

Comedienne Jennifer was outrageously funny. Nyssa H. came in and did her "What's The Word?" interactive poem with the audience, then Jena Maroni, who will be walking the 60 miles for the Walkathon for the Foundation closed the night, talking about the foundation, cried through her appreciative smile along with all of us, talked about survivors, and the three days of walking that lie ahead.

It was an enjoyable, memorable and purposeful evening at Cafe Hey.

--- Luis

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