Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Personal Notes III: Deep Carnivale

For Sunday, the Deep Carnivale moved from the Ybor HCC Performing Arts complex over to a small, intimate venue: The Silver Meteor Gallery, which, for all practical purposes, is a juke joint-type place hiding out by the tracks in Ybor City.

The place had been painted black and USF students, in the spirit of the exquisite corpse, made over a dozen paintings on the otherwise stygian, flat black walls. Several of the poets from the festival read, or more to the point, performed, in what used to be a cigar-roller's shotgun shack-style house. The name comes from the idea that if one opened the front and back doors, you could fire a shotgun through it without hitting anything. No walls. And that idea was palpable, as poet after poet's voices ran free through the house, all the hearts gathered there, and out into the world at large.

Voices like Diana Ferguson, Melissa Fair, Linda Alexander, David Durney, Enid Shormer, Summer Rodman, Doreen Horn, Kim Buchheit and Silvia Curbelo. Rachel Leona Kapitan's Gardener was like a religious revelation. Rachel didn't just read and/or gesture her poetry. She was possessed by it, and I by her performance.

Art Taco wants to congratulate David Audet and all the people whose considerable efforts made this festival
an extraordinary experience, for bringing this here, and for citizens of all ages and economic means. Thank you.

--- Luis

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