Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday Open Mic @ Cafe Hey

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Cafe Hey's Open Mic night. Doorstop Productions hosts this event, with poetess Nyssa Hanger as Mistress of Ceremonies and guiding spirit. The poetic rant she did as a quasi ad/paean to Cafe Hey at Deep Carnivale was memorable.

The intimate space at the cafe was packed. There were some outstanding acts, as well as emerging talents, and some obviously influenced by karaoke and American Idol-atry. Nyssa's mom made her debut at the mic, as did at least two other poetesses, all delivering good performances. One of the strengths of Cafe Hey is the wide range of performances, including ages. There's a real talent-nurturing attitude going on there.

Cafe Hey, 1540 N.Franklin St Tampa. Open Mic is Thursday evening from 7 PM -9PM. Free.

---  Luis

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