Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Artsist Behaving Very, Very BADLY: Voina on the Loose in Russia

A huge penis painted on a major city bridge. Overturning seven police cars. The mock execution of migrant workers in a Moscow supermarket. An impromptu rock concert performance laced with baaad words in a Moscow courtroom. Throwing live cats in a McDonalds. Twelve artists, including one pregnant woman, entering the Biology Museum and er...staging an orgy. 

Voina  is a collective of guerrilla performance artists in Russia who have staged these events in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Reportedly, Banksy is a fan. Two of the group had their flat raided SWAT style, and were taken for a 'ride', being abused by the police. They've been held in jail since November. Russia is considering a return to Soviet-Era censorship of the arts. I imagine Russian oligarchs are scrambling, wondering where they can buy signed photos/videos of Voina at work.

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