Thursday, February 17, 2011

Personal Note: Last Night @ Borders Cafe on Dale Mabry

What's this cafe tucked into a Borders have to do with AT? This is the place many of the posts you see here were typed from. The coffee is great, but that's not why I came here to write, or my wife, friends and I gathered, often to play Scrabble. Merl Reagle, the world-famous designer of the NYT crossword puzzles, and all-around nice guy used to come here on a weekly basis for olympic caliber Boggle games.

And it ends tonight. I am sitting here, at my favorite table, teary-eyed & still in shock. I understand about profits, the economy, and everything else, but my favorite sanctuary is coming to a close. And what really matters, the incredible baristas and friends of mine who work here, will be scattered like seeds in the wind. Danielle, Kim, Kristen, Maria, Tiffany and Chris, an incredibly creative, bright and beautiful group of women, all underemployed, will go on to much better things, and hopefully keep in touch, but it will never be the same. I know, I know, nothing lasts, and this scene is playing itself out in thousands of places throughout America, but I experienced what transpired here, and it was extraordinary. I will remember this.

--- Luis

* If anyone knows of an available job, particularly at a cafe or bar, please contact me through the blog. I can recommend these women without reservation.

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