Thursday, February 24, 2011

Live Paint on Central, an ArtOn Central event.

I meant to get there much earlier, last Saturday, but the sun was setting. Only a few of the 30+ artists were still working on their paintings.  The first artist I ran into was Josh Sullivan, of the famous artist duo of Josh & Stu, who had already packed up when I arrived. Josh, who paints and does cartoons, had painted a typology of anthropocentric, gesturally expressive robots, apparently with nothing to say (from the empty thought bubble). You can see some of his work here: [Link]. Stu's work here [Link]. Josh and Stu's show III at the Globe Cafe was the first ever reviewed on Art Taco.

Josh Sullivan and his painting

Sebastian Coolidge was putting the finishing touches on this [Link] painting on the sidewalk. A kind of Fascist Juggernaut?

Jon Fisher & his art. Like most of the art I saw left on the sidewalk, his was very humanistic. We talked about the Egyptian Revolution in hopeful tones. He pointed out the Pyramids in the painting (they're small), and told me he would soon be adding a desert sandstorm behind them. You can just see them inside the "4". Lots of Pop iconography in this painting. 

It was a beautiful late afternoon by the time I got there. Just enough golden light...lots of people still milling around.
  This is Stephen Palladino, and above is more of his work. He does beautiful murals, too.
Custom, hand-painted desk with Union Jack motif, painted weathered, cracked wood with peeping eyes, done by Rasta Geary Taylor, of 1 of 1 Customs, 659 Central Ave. St Pete, for his daughter, who wants to go to England.
On the side of the desk, the mustard and ketchup duke it out.
Side View of Desk
The 600 block of Central is about a lot more than the Crislip arcade and the mainstream galleries. There's a wide spectrum of artists on this St Petersburg hotspot. Take time to visit them. All of them. Congratulations to ArtOn Central for a wonderful event.

A special note of thanks to Maja for bringing to my attention a major error.

--- Luis


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