Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Cuban Sandwich Show, Part XIV: In closing...

This month-long festival is an ambitious undertaking made possible by David Audet and the CSS crews and hosts' enthusiastic energies and attention to detail. The most amazing thing is that with one exception (a cancellation), every event went well. The festival is a little incestuous, showcasing well-established local artists, but it brings artists from as far away as the Carolinas. One suggestion: An emerging artists show.

The thing that struck me about the CSS is that if some of its events were to be condensed into a 5, 7, or nine-day week, it could become a destination festival, one that would present Tampa as an arts-conscious city and show its best arts and locations. Corporate cooperation and sponsorship would be required, but this is doable.

On the right, at the Cuban Sandwich Nursery at Cafe Hey, David Audet, like any Father bursting with pride, is cradling and showing off his wax-paper swaddled newborn, the next Cuban Sandwich Show.

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