Friday, November 25, 2011

In My House @ Duncan McClellan Glass

 The Duncan McClellan Glass Gallery is rapidly changing. The number of artists whose work is being carried has soared, as has the range of work shown. The cavernous space, once largely empty, is now packed. For this show, DMG brought in custom furniture.

Catherine Woods, "Dichroic 1"

 The emphasis is still on high-quality glass, as in the piece on the right by Catherine Woods, made of dichroic glass.

Catherine Woods, "Happy Orange Ring"

 On the left is another piece by Catherine Woods titled "Happy Orange Ring", made of fused and slumped glass. Delightfully asymmetrical, a highly decorative and bright abstract.

Scott Coulter, "Obstructed View"

 Featured artist Scott Coulter showed acrylic landscape paintings that have partitions & sub-frames, sometimes disjointed, as in the case of "Obstructed View".

The effect is very similar to that of a highly ordered photographic collage, with notable differences, like the shading below some of the subframes gives the illusion of stacking, or 3-D. The eye keeps trying to unify the visual field, which resists its efforts because of the smaller images and individual perspectives within the picture.

 The gallery had a lot of custom furniture on display like this beautifully crafted desk. There was also a stand with glass decorative doorknobs which were really pretty. Accents that can make a house interior stand out.

 Spath.oSe [Link] creative team of Scott Durfee and George Medeiros continue to amaze with the continuing evolution of their sculptural art purses (or is it purse art?). This new line has more earth tones, is frankly, more wearable, and thematic. They also have made exquisite lamps. One can see historical and cultural influences throughout their work. When one is done wearing these purses, they can be placed in their own niche or stand as art works.

DMG Gallery view.

The mainstay of Duncan McClellan is glass art of many forms and varieties, from all over the world. The main gallery is an experience to be savored, one of the best of its kind St. Pete has to offer, with work to grace any home or glass collector.

Work by Duncan McCLellan

 Congratulations to all the artists and to Duncan McClellan for a good show.

In My House Reception @ Duncan McClellan Glass - Functional objects, hyperreal paintings, all in a unique setting, beautifully hosted by DMG and his staff. This is a great event. 2342 Emerson Ave. S. St. Pete


  1. Excellent review of Duncan's Gallery and most recent event! You are right, the gallery is rapidly changing and 2012 has even more in store! Next event is December 10th so we hope you can make it back out again!

  2. Hello Luis, Thank you for the great review on Art Taco...

    Scott& George