Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Person of the Year in the Arts, Jennifer Kosharek

The Art Taco Person of the Year in the Arts is Jennifer Kosharek. Jennifer is a standout Saint Petersburg artist mainly doing Folk-style paintings of a personal symbolist nature, full of autobiographical references, art dolls and has worked making jewelry in the past. Hers is a style that skirts the edges of craft, but doesn't fall into it. She is also an international mail artist of some renown, her work in the collections of several major museums and is part of contemporary Fluxus having written and performed several pieces of her own, as well as that of others.

This would be more than enough to make her a candidate for AT/POY, but she also owns and runs a powerhouse tiny gallery in the Crislip Arcade called eve N odd. This space, filled to the brim with the works of many artists as well as Jennifer's. One wall is devoted to exhibition space, perhaps 5x10ft. This space has been consistently the venue for some of the best shows in the Bay Area. Innovative themes, perhaps the first Instagram show, years ahead of Tempus. Mail Art, Fluxus and much more. eve N odd receives the highest praise from some of the other top gallerists in Saint Petersburg.

Jennifer's "Frida" mural in the 600blk alley, is by far the best-known in the Bay Area, having received seventeen thousand likes so far on Instagram.

  For all this, and her social acumen and poise in front of the TV cameras, this is our Person of The Year.


Postscript: Jennifer rented a wall to a mediocre Detroit artist I won't name here, which diluted the singular feel the gallery had. Then she became pregnant, and the gallery closed. She is still actively producing work in the area and curating the Pom Pom restaurant walls.


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