Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Domino Effect: Hoffman-Porges building sold.

This building became a gallery when Marcy Hoffman bought it. She owned it for years, then moved out of state. Jill Scott and her husband, "The General" bought it, reopened it as a gallery, hosting several shows, including many featuring YAA artists (Under Shiver and Shiver productions), and Mishou Sanchez's solo show.

Jilll Scott
The gallery/frame shop had trouble defining itself, and soldiered on. This is where a couple of guest curators could have made a huge difference, and I said so, but did not know that the building was for sale.

View from rear of gallery towards 7th Ave.

There were good fundraiser and charity shows at H-P before it sold.

Samantha Churchill and her work at H-P.

Latch and Paul at Hoffman Porges Gallery

It is with great regret and sadness that this gallery will likely soon be a restaurant/bar. Jill told me she may be opening another space nearby dedicated to Cuban and Haitian art. Please let me know when it is ready to open. 

Bye bye, Hoffman-Porges

--- Luis

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