Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mitzi Gordon New Creative Pinellas Director.

Mitzi Gordon and her art car, painted by Hunter Payne. Summer 2013.

Mitzi Gordon, who owns and runs the Bluebird Book Bus, started the book box program, the Articulate collective blog, worked at USF's CAM as event coordinator  and serves on the Board of Directors of the Gasparilla Art Show has been named Director of Creative Pinellas. 

Congratulations to Creative Pinellas and Mitzi Gordon. 

Mitzi is putting on the Carmada art car show in Kylie Garden next to Curtis Hixon during the Gasparilla Art Show.


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  1. Luis,

    I used the above picture on my blog. I wanted to obtain proper permission from you, but could not find any Contact links. If you own the copyright to this picture of Mitzi Gordon, please contact me at and let me know if it's alright for me to use it on my recent article about Mitzi.

    Thank you!