Tuesday, September 9, 2014

As predicted: Caca's Stolen Image Rape Culture Show a Hoax.

Last Thursday, I predicted that Cory Allen, XVALA and CACA gallery were perpetrating a hoax with the Jennifer Lawrence stolen image show and that the show would never open. It won't. Allen and XVALA ended their charade yesterday.

Allen made submoronic statements such as "We found them on Google" about the stolen pictures, and rode the wave generated by 4Chan and the release of the stolen images. Caca's hoax resulted in nearly two million Google hits. 

These two men capitalized on and perpetuated rape culture to gain name recognition (who will remember them a week from now?) all at the expense of women all over the globe.

They were going to reproduce and sell work to which they had no license nor copyright, in their own words, "unaltered". An affront against all artists everywhere.

Allen today, says he was moved by the petitions he received...more than likely by the legal threats that were looming on his horizon.

These two Con men deserve to be ostracized, their gallery boycotted. 

Astonishingly, the majority of the Saint Pete Arts community remained silent during this smarmy episode. The few that spoke up at all were for silent boycotting. We'll see how many show at the opening for the alternate show.

I'm glad to see this hoax come to an end, very unhappy that in almost two million sites, people equate Saint Petersburg with Caca gallery and rape culture. CACA is not a PR gallery, it is a Tabloid gallery, one who has obviously done their marketing in relocating to Saint Petersburg.

This is NOT who we are.

--- Luis

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  1. You are absolutely right Louis You are right on the mark and I was thinking the same thing. really don't want to have these types in our art community