Saturday, September 27, 2014

Reflections on Carmada.

I read the Creative Loafing issue on this weekend's CARMADA event, by David Zane Morris, and a couple of things stood out...

It's a small club dominated by men, like most art. The cars being shown this weekend are by James Oleson, Derek Donnelly, the ubiquitous Sebastian Coolidge, one by Hunter Payne, and apparently one by Joshua T. Pearson. When Carmada showed at the Gasparilla Art Show, there were cars by two women, one of them Jennifer Kosharek, whose "Gretchen" is not at this show (it may not be running).

Derek Donnelly asserts that he was the first to spray paint an art car in St. Petersburg. Maybe he meant spray can. Those who are not aware of history think they invented it, but there were art cars (Ok, mostly vans) in Saint Petersburg as early as the late 1970's. and they were spray painted, mostly with airbrushes.

It is a good article and cover, and I will be at the show very soon...

--- Luis

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