Thursday, September 4, 2014

Publicity stunt regarding Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansen picturesat the expense of the Saint Petersburg arts Community.

The Apple Cloud was recently hacked in a disturbingly simple manner, with private nude photos of several movie stars (Jennifer Lawrence, et al) and celebs stolen. Given the prurient nature of all this, media have been blasting it non-stop in an effort to sell diapers at the break.

Locally, one unscrupulous -- and until now, unknown -- St. Pete gallery, which will not be named in this post, did a press release saying they would host a show in which an artist will be showing prints from these pictures. Immediately, there was a feeding frenzy in the media, giving this obscure gallery incredible international name recognition.

We all know that one court injunction from the lawyers of the women that had their images stolen will stop the show (and the ensuing lawsuit will bankrupt the artist and gallery). It's a low-brow, typical Florida snake oil salesman the expense of the hard-earned credibility of the arts scene in Saint Petersburg.

--- Luis

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