Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Notes from 2nd Saturday, October 2014, Part I

[2nd Saturday is the monthly gallery walk in the city of Saint Petersburg, Florida.]

Amy Marshall's Strands of Sunshine featured Coralette Damme in a Pop-Up show. The work, consisting mostly of smaller pieces, was arranged altar-like on two tables. People were staring at the work, mouths agape. It reminded me of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral on Epiphany day, of people lighting candles.

Being in Michele Tuegel's decorative art gallery, watching her lovingly teaching her beautiful young grand-daughter elemental accounting and math.

Selfie at Michele Tuegel Gallery.

The Crislip Arcade has been undergoing an enormous amount of turn-over for months. The latest departures were Dawn and Ungala, leaving Leslie Pringle Burke as the only painter left there. Rande James is managing now. It is acquiring a flea-market-ish aura from what I can see, which is a shame.

Panoramic of the interior of Leslie Pringle Burke's studio.

End Part I.


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