Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Notes from 2nd Saturday, October 2014, Part III

Feathered Serpent had "Obscured by time", magazine illustration-caliber work by Hermann Trappmann, which in fact, has been used (very appropriately, I might add) for signs in parks. Gallery owner Linda Ramirez objected to the work being photographed, saying "It's copyrighted". It is time even lawyers who own galleries educate themselves on the issue of copyright. All current art is copyrighted. They should also educate themselves on the Fair Use provisions of copyright law.


In the interests of Full Disclosure, I should say that Creative Clay is perhaps my favorite stop on 2nd Saturday. The above cat should explain why.

Artist Robert Phelps kindly took time from holding court to pose with his work at Creative Soul Cafe. He asked me to make it clear that only one of those glasses on the table was his.

Work by Robert Phelps at Creative Soul Cafe.

Painter Carol Dameron and photographer Herb Snitzer in Carol's studio.

John Lichtenstein Monster Movie TV Pop themed work at the Venture Compound.

John Lichtenstein talking about his work, and "trace shame".

Venture Compound jam...

The list from this 2nd Saturday.

End, Part III

--- Luis

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