Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Notes from 2nd Saturday, October 2014, Part II

Artist Evelyn Dufner with her work at Dysfunctional Grace Art Company.

Wendy Durand moved into her new studio space in Soft Water Studios.

Carla Bristol's Galerie 909 featured "Earth Tones"  by Scott Davis.

(Right-to-left) Mitzi Gordon, of Creative Pinellas, Carla Bristol, Galerie 909, Bradley Kokay, artist, ex-Venture Compound Art Directos, Jim Grinaker, esquire, at Galerie 909.

Gulfport Artist Cora Marshall and her historical portraits at the Dr. Carter G. Woodson African-American Museum. These was one of the standout shows of the evening.

Laura James and her work. She shares a studio with Saori Murphy at Five Deuces.

Nathan Beard and his work, which is partially about the pseudo-cyclical nature of time as we experience it, at Leslie Curran's ARTicles gallery.

End, Part II


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