Saturday, December 20, 2014

Photographs of the defacing of the 600 blk murals by HTWOO, which is being investigated as a felony by Police. There is much macho blustering going on about this, with the usual suspects wanting to "break ten fingers" and more.
Acting like gangsters or a lynch mob is not going to further the cause of the Arts in Saint Petersburg.
My view is to let the police and the law do what they're supposed to do. This man has attacked the city.
There is a crowdfunding effort underway to restore the damaged murals.

It is unbelievable that the same man who was furiously ordering everyone not to speak with reporters, because it would give HTWOO and his ilk motivation, then goes and does exactly that.
Sorry, but your cred just dropped to zero in my book.
(Name witheld to protect the guilty)

On the Woo mural.

Electrical box.

Jennifer Koshrek's Frida

Stoic's Annunaki

 Derek Donnelly's Lizard King

Rebekah Lazaridis, Paper Moon.

 Jennifer Kosharek "Gretchen"


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