Tuesday, December 23, 2014

To the Artists Alliance, Regions Bank and Gary Burnside

 Be exceedingly careful about who you put in place to oversee the restoration or replacement of the vandalized 600 block murals. Derek Donnelly ordered people on FB to not talk with the media about this, until he did, grabbing the limelight. This act of bullying has been followed by several others, reported publicly on FB and in private.

I was exposed to this myself in a series of texts from Mr. Donnelly.

In my opinion, putting someone in charge who has a clear-cut conflict of interest is a whopping mistake, more so atop undiplomatic leadership (which is as kindly as I can put it). I have spoken to other artists whose murals were damaged, and they're planning to fix them on their own. One already has. They could have all been repaired by now and the issue would be resolved.

The expectations of raising a lot of money through the Indie Go Go fund (at $600 as of this writing) are drawing out those who expect to benefit from it.

Please install competent leadership in charge of this project, someone who does not stand to benefit directly from the fundraising.

--- Luis Gottardi

PS. I have supported Derek Donnelly in the past. His gallery, from the day it opened until the day it closed, reviewed his work, including murals., publicized his events and more.  

You can see the hundreds of photos of Derek I have published here [Link] 


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