Friday, March 13, 2015

Call For Artists, Cuban Sangwiche Show

Cuban Sangwiche Show
Deadline: Sunday, March 15.
The Artists and Writers Group, Inc will present the CUBAN SANGWICHE SHOW at Grownman Brand Studios April 1-18, 2015.
All work must be about TAMPA: it can be humorous, historical, whimsical, hysterical, political, about the past or present or future.
All mediums are welcome. Anyone of any age can present work. You do not have to live in Tampa or be an “artist.” Mediums include visual art (photography, sculpture, etc), installations, video, performance (music and theater), poetry/writing, cuisine.
The show is juried and selected work is based on quality AND space of gallery. Certain dates will be reserved for film screenings, live performance, and readings.
You can present three (3)works to be considered. There is a $5.00 entry fee for each work. Fee will be returned if work is not selected. Make checks out to Artists and Writers Group, Inc.
All work must be delivered to the studios located at 6412 N. Central Avenue, TAMPA 33604 by 5:00 pm, Sunday afternoon, March 15. Work can be delivered before the deadline. Contact David Audet for appointment.
If work is for sale (it doesn’t have to be) 100% of sale goes to artist.
Contact David John Audet at if you have proposals or questions.
SPECIAL REQUEST! We are planning to create a miniature "sculpture" version of the Saint Yago Knight Parade at the gallery and are looking for “floats” from anyone interested.
SPECS: 12-20 inches long, about 6 inches wide, and 12-14 inches tall (so they can go under street lights) 4 WHEELS (they don't have to turn) and illuminated if possible/practical (batteries/LEDS). **No entry fee for the “floats” and if for sale, 100% to artist.
Pass this on to anyone who might be interested. A Facebook page will be open soon with a detailed schedule and updates.

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