Sunday, August 21, 2011

Art Imitates Art @ Blue Lucy

Author Tenea D. Johnson

Blue Lucy Creative Services at 653 Central Ave., St Pete, is a gallery/event space and a creative firm with a wide variety of  services like design, web, logos, and much more. See here: [Link]. Recently, the gallery hosted a book launch by author Tenea D Johnson of her new release, "Smoketown". [Link] Normally, I don't write about a book release, but this one was accompanied by (mostly unlabeled) art.

A mixed media wall hanging composed of pages from a book hanging from a horizontal branch. A delicate, richly textured piece that takes normally linear text and makes it into a new configuration .

This has the style of a Blue Lucy work. A Superhero couple engaged in some type of world-saving antics.


 On the right is another Blue Lucy work. This is one of those dynamic, colorful, uplifting abstracts (that looks a little like an old-school TV pattern).

  A mixed-media installation involving three elements. A bird drawn on a book page, a jar with something I couldn't make out in it, and another bird, this one free and on the wing. This work was made in relation to Ms. Johnson's book

 Congratulations to Tenea D. Johnson and Blue Lucy for a good event and the accompanying art.

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