Thursday, August 25, 2011

Street Art: New Mural at Central Arts

Sean Williams at work

The wall on the side of Central Arts and the small building on the corner are places where artists can legally paint on walls at a location with high visibility. Many murals have graced those walls, and a new one has gone up by the side of the small building. Chris Center, who was recently reviewed here for the "Kreation" show, and Sean Williams, of the Collective Gallery and Tattoo have been working on this one, which is nearly finished.

This is where the mural was at during my first visit. The basic design was down, the geometrics delineated, and the figure in the middle sketched out.

Detail of the face on the figure shown above. Note the contrast between the machine-like geometrics and the human form shown here.

Chris Center at work

Here's Chris Center bringing color into the geometric tehnological-looking elements.

Artists' notes/resources.


The Artists, Chris Center on left, Sean Williams on right.

Here's the mural a week later. With all the rains, it's been a tough season for muralists with little time, but it's close to being finished.



Mural View.

The title of the work is "Tech vs Bio", by Chris Center with Sean Williams. It's on Central, at 2429 Central Avenue, courtesy of Central Arts Supply, one of the few local arts stores left. Please support it.When the mural is finished, I'll blog about it.

--- Luis

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