Friday, August 12, 2011

A Record Exhibit @ Mind Games Tobacco & Hookah Lounge

 Mind Games Tobacco & Hookah Lounge
The venue for this event is located about 10 blocks (if that) from where I live. I've driven past it many times, and not noticed it was there. What a welcome surprise it was to 'discover' MGT&HL! At the show were works by Danielle Shockley, Lorin Hawkins, the Ybor Art Colony, Melody Mitchell, Catrina Deville, Travis Mills, Christine Galas, Jason Bridges, Sage and others. Music by DJs Shard, Sumatra71,Elliotness, Nostalgia and kaos.

When I was there, which was early, only Catrina De Ville and Jason Bridges were present. As you can see on the left, there was a lot of work up on the walls and a chess game going on in the back.

The theme of the show was work on/with vinyl records.

Susan Janvrin, "Six Degrees of Separation"

"Six Degrees of Separation", by Susan Janvrin was one of the few works to break out of the circle. A mandala-like composition involving  a mirror, paint, several records, and a plywood backing made for one of the larger, more complex works in the show.

Susan Janvrin, "Lantana"

 On the right is another work by Ms. Janvrin titled "Lantana". Note how the composition deals with radiused circles and the square. The color in this piece is beautiful.

Work by Catrina Deville

Catrina De Ville made the work on the left, on a single vinyl record. A central tree looking twisted and possibly dead (the World Tree?) with a symbol for the feminine on top and a snake coiled around it. Apparently collaged familiar images of magic rituals, one on either side, and an all-seeing eye at the base of the tree. 

 The artist and I talked informally for a little while. Her family has a tradition of art. Her inspiration comes from many sources, and is fueled by a deep concern for the feminine and its rightful place in the world. Catrina also does work in other media, including photography and collaging.
Links to Catrina and her work: [Link], [Link]

Catrina Deville

View of other works on display

Dia de Los Muertos Mickey

Work by Jason Bridges

Jason Bridges's work on the left. He told me his primary influence comes from comic books, as this beautifully colored and composed work shows. It has a monstrous silliness. Jason will have his work featured in the Tarot card show Saturday, August 13th @ Capricorn gallery. He can be reached on Facebook or at 863.332.3138.

On the right, Jason Bridges in the Lounge room at Mind Games, seated below his work.

Congratulations to Mind Games and to all the artists for an unusual show. Mind Games Tobacco and Hookah Lounge,  202 S. Howard Ave, Tampa.


  1. I heard elliotness had some pretty wicked beats goin on that night! ;)

  2. Actually the curtain & light were made by other artist's. Wonderful show though, can't wait for the next!

  3. light was made by Lorin Hawkins