Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Street Art: Quick Stencils

Remember the well-executed, stenciled gas masks all in a row I showed a few months ago?  The same artist has resurfaced a few miles away, this time in a very safe place. He certainly chose a beautifully colored background this time.

I have a feeling this is by the same artist. The detailed stencil, the noir death-cult theme and care in execution. Interesting that the "cross bones" of this skull aren't femurs, but stilettos or ice picks.

I ran across this last week in an unlikely place (lots of cameras and foot/car traffic). Not sure about the wording, maybe someone can shed a little light on this? A crude stencil by comparison to the above. An kind of blank, unhappy face.

This is only a few feet from the above, in a very risky place. It appeared at the same time, looks to be the same artist above. Looks like the outlined figure of a woman reading a book or magazine. What the four chevrons to the left might be, other than a formal device echoing the bend of her elbow (or a political comment on education?) is beyond me.

--- Luis

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