Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Donna Gordon Crowdsourcing for Death of Vanity Sculpture.


St Petersburg Sculptor Donna Gordon to raise $24,000 through Crowdfunding for Donation of Life-Size Sculpture.

Traditional grants for artists have become scarce since the economic downturn, so Creatives are turning to Crowdfunding as an online fundraising technique that can be used whether or not they have non-profit status.

Corwdfunding aggregates many small gifts, some as low as $5, so that creatives can reach their funding goals through the power of friends, family and viral marketing.In exchange for these donations, artists offer 'perks' at different price levels, from T-Shirts and Posters at low levels, to bronze replicas at the upper levels.

Donna Gordon has created a life-size figurative sculpture titled The Death of Vanity, an exploration of the vice -- and possible virtue -- of Vanity. While her sculpture is complete in the clay, she is seeking funding to transform the work to bronze through the lost wax method of casting. After casting it is her intent to donate the work to the New Orleans Museum of Art, in the city where she found her love of art and sculpture.

Donna has just launched her campaign on Indiegogo.com and is attempting to raise the $24,000 required for casting. The campaign is expected to run for 45 days. For more information about Donna Gordon and her sculpture, please go to www.donnagordonstudio.com 

For more information about her campaign to raise for her donation to the New Orleans Museum of Art, go to  www.indiegogo.com/

The sculpture, The Death of Vanity, is on view (in clay form) at Donna Gordon Gallery, 625 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL. through the crowfunding campaign. The Gallery is open Wed through Sat., noon to five pm. 
Contact for more information and/or additional images:
Donna Gordon



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