Tuesday, March 12, 2013

St. Pete Tweed Ride 2013

Rebekah Eugenia Lazaridis, of Eugenia Woods, a boutique shop on the 600 block of Central Avenue in the Crislip Arcade [Link] turned me on to this. St. Pete Shuffleboard put together this ride [Link]. It is a rolling feast of fashion, as riders dressed in various period outfits (and the occasional wild card) ride their bicycles in a leisurely ride through the City of St. Pete.

I happened to be on the 600 block, making my rounds, when they rolled by on their way to the shuffleboard courts. Here are some photographs...

Daniel M?

Congratulations to all the beautifully dressed riders, St. Pete Shuffleboard, and the Tweed Ride for a moveable piece of performance art!

--- Luis

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