Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seen: Contain It PODs show @ Dunedin Fine Arts Center

I have already written a blog post about hanging Jennifer Kosharek's installation, Gretchen's World, at this DFAC show curated by Kaya Hill.  Here are some of the other installations...

Installation by Psynner.

Psynner's installation consisted of a meadow-like environment, complete with trees, leaves, a child-like figure, leaves on the "ground" and clouds overhead. That's Psynner in the middle.

Work by Shane Hoffman

This multicolored dwelling was by Shane Hoffman, with Christina Hollaway, Doris Bonaparte and Marquis Langhorne. There was a child at the door, so  did not go into it, but I heard there were people dancing in the back.

Domenica Bello, "Invasion of the Inhuman"

Domenica Bello's "Invasion of the Inhuman", subtitled "Man vs. Machine", "Creator vs. Creation" had a multidimensional feel in a varied mix of textures and layers.

Detail of the above work by Domenica Bello

Work by David Matson

This reminded me of a famous Andy Warhol installation "Silver Clouds". David Matson sealed his POD semi-air tight, so that the viewers had to squeeze between two mattresses (a kind of rebirth experience) to get to the inside, where dozens of white balloons bounced around. Fun, conceptually strong, and very tactile/participatory.

Work by Jennie Fleming

This work, in part, addressed the proliferation of guns and their ubiquitousness in American culture. The space was wallpapered with various gun models, mostly handguns.

Installation by David Wood

Since I was manning an installation, I had very little time, and this one was so packed with people I could not get in past the "foyer".

Alain Salesse, "Zap Reality"

Hanging walls of paper with images, a soft floor, made of foam scraps, colored lines on the wall. One was supposed to follow the lines as an analog to channel (or web) surfing. Interesting, complex, fun, a little hard to follow, but people enjoyed journeying through it.

Two Artgoers enjoying "Gretchen's World"  

Entrance to "Gretchen's World"  
Congratulations to all the artists, Kaya Hill, and the DFAC for a good and popular show.

--- Luis

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