Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Saturday Indie Market: March 2013

First Saturday Indie Market, brainchild of Rosie Williams, took place recently during a nearly perfect day. The sidewalks of the N. die of the 600 block of Central Ave in St. Petersburg were lined with tents and tables full of  Art, jewelry, and all manner of things.

 There is Art Inside, too. Open doors lead to art shows, like Strange Fruit, by Missy Roll and Alan Hampton, at Blue Lucy Gallery. 

In many other spaces as well, including the charming space of the Crislip Arcade. Here is one of the artists, Jay Herre, who was spotted hanging his work.

Or go into Dysfunctional Grace and see Liz and her rescue baby possums...

This is a major part of the 1st Saturday Indie Market, but not all. It is a banquet of the spirit, mind and senses, also about...

Seeing, Being Seen, and Being.

First Saturday Indie Market. There's another one coming soon. 

--- Luis

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