Sunday, April 24, 2011

For Artists: Making your reception the best it can be.

Here's an excerpt from advice on dealing with a reception from the Agora blog:

" ...the truth is that an opening reception can be a great opportunity for you as an artist, and it’s important to approach it from that perspective. If you can take time out of thinking about all the other jobs or arrangements that need dealing with to concentrate on the reception, then it’s worth doing. Think of it as an investment – if you put in a little thought beforehand, you will be far better prepared for the night itself. Here are seven top tips to help you get the most out of the evening that you can.

1) Realize what this reception says about you. Whether it’s your first reception, your first in the area or with this particular gallery or whether you’re a seasoned artist doing something you’ve done many times before,  what you’re telling the world is that you are a serious artist with work worth showing to the world. Understanding this consciously is important for your sense of identity as an artist, for your self-confidence, and so that you respond to the guests at the reception in the right way – as the artist you are."

Read the rest here: [Link]

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