Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NCECA's Public Show, Take II

I couldn't resist going back to the Public Show at the Convention a second time last Thursday. Here's a few observations...

Here's a better view of the little house-forms beneath the roses in "What I see, What I saw", by Marianne C. McGrath. Looked at from above, they tended to be invisible. I had to get close to the floor for these pictures.

Here's another configuration of "Bricks #1", by Sharan Elran, built by two women participants. Sharan told me one of them gingerly climbed into it when they were finished and had her friend take a picture.

On the right is Henny Linn Kjellberg winding barbed wire around her installation "Wire Works". I had the pleasure of talking with Henny and participating in helping her wind the wire around the wooden framework, finding the process very relaxing.
Winding one's way around, stapling the wire, handing it t each other around the corners brought out the medidative immersion into the work that one can only experience by doing.
Henny at work

On the right, a work about invasive species in our midst, a metaphor for immigrants? One could take a ceramic blade of grass or a clam for free. Dawn Holder is the artist.

The range of metamorphoses by Teri Frame in her performance piece "Pre Human, Post Human, Inhuman" was staggering and an ongoing revelation in the style of ancient initiations. People stood spellbound before her for long periods of time.


The historical references, identities and subtle in-between morphings involved in this piece cannot be fully appreciated except by seeing the whole thing on tape -- or standing there observing for three days. The idea was tempting.

Teri Frame in Medusa/Gorgon Sister form.

--- Luis

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