Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love The Future: Coded messages on behalf of Ai Wei Wei and China.

Chinese censors are busy deleting pro-Ai Wei Wei messages sent within the country, having now built a Firewall to match their Great Wall. The artist has not been released or accounted for as of this writing.
  His countrymen on the net have come up with code for the disappeared artist: The characters for Ai Wei Wei are nearly identical to those in the phrase "love the future".

From China Digital Times here are a few coded poignant comments gleaned from China:

“We love the future, not for any one person, but because we hope the future will be even better. We love it here, and we hope it can become better.”

- “To love the future is to love yourself. Fill the microblogs with love. Fill the motherland with love. Donate your love to the future of the motherland.“
- ”I really don’t dare believe that in this society, even love for the future can disappear.”

- “Love please return: I’ve just changed my screen name to “Love, please return”, for love. The love for the future.”
- “You are far beyond an artist. Love the future…(Candle)”
- “We love the future, but the future disappeared, the future is in prison, the future is gone. RT Little Bread: The most frightening fact of this country is not that the government machinery is doing whatever it wants, but the common man who is telling you: this country is like this, you cannot change it, you just need to get used to it. These people could be your classmates, your colleagues, your friends, your family and your lover. As long as they are not victims, they can tolerate anybody else’s tragedy.”

- “Justice doesn’t die; faith is forever. Love the future!”

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In solidarity with the Chinese,

--- Luis

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