Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Arts Lofts -- In Bloom

Arts Lofts entrance

The Arts Lofts are located literally above the Florida Craftsman Gallery. It is the upper floor of the building, divided into several studios. The artists hold shows in the lobby by the elevators on a monthly basis. They recently had an opening for their Spring "In Bloom" show.

Javier Dones works with (mostly stressed copper and other metals) mixed media works that speak of the tropical climes of the island he comes from and loves. This work had no visible title in that tag at lower right. It's an expressive explosion of life, with veins of highlights emanating from the seed-like center, with a few tendrils leading to flowers.

Lee West, "Inner Glow"

"Inner Glow", a large, (30x40) beautiful acrylic floral with well thought out color contrast by Lee West. Note the lack of directional light. It comes from within the flower itself.

Work by Brian James

This photograph of a model posing while dancing on a couch is by photographer Brian James. It is imbued with the spirit of Spring, what the poet Dylan Thomas called "the green fuse". Note the bouquets of flowers at either end of the couch.

Work by Joe Walles

On the left, a photograph titled "Heart's Desire" by Joe Walles, an ex-journalist who is at home doing street photography or botanical studies like the one at left. Note the complex composition, the way the arches of the leaves on the lower left serve to highlight the flowers and the small light dot above them seem to be sublimating from their surface.

Rebecca Skelton, "Night Garden"

This is a mixed-materials drawing on hand-made paper. Rebecca Skelton's discipline and well-honed talents have resulted in a stand-out body of work to which "Night Garden" belongs. A woman with a look of anticipation, longing and mystery peers into the darkness. Some flowers bloom at night.

Congratulations to all the artists and to Arts Lofts for a good show.

Arts Lofts is at 10 Fifth St North, St Petersburg.
--- Luis

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