Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crislip Arcade: Ungala, Eve N Odd, Bill Drugan and more.

The Crislip Arcade is at 645 Central Ave, and one of the best places to shop for the Holidays. There are two boutiques on the corners, Cozette's and another whose name escapes me at the moment. Walk through, and there are several galleries owned by artists, each with its own individuated style. Ungala has artworks in a kind of Modernist graphic style, quirky, fun and in a variety of styles and prices.

Bill Drugan, an experienced fine art painter who has traveled widely has  fine portraits and figurative works in a highly evolved pallette and style.

Jay Herres has very fine work available of his own, and a few other artists.

eve N odd gallery is one of the standout art spaces in Saint Peterburg. The owner, Jennifer Kosharek has something for everyone and every budget, from cards, knick knacks, etc to her excellent paintings. Here are a few pictures...

eve N Odd gallery most of the work by Catherine Michaels.
Painting by Jennifer Kosharek..

Works by Jennifer Kosharek.

Painting by Jennifer Kosharek.

The Crislip Arcade and 600 block is a place where instead of walking endlessly in a mob of people for days, one can get a lot of shopping done in a brief amount of time.

--- Luis

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