Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Work at James Oleson Gallery

Work by Sebastian Coolidge

The James Oleson Gallery has been steadily improving the concepts and quality of its shows. Their current show, "John Taormina, Sebastian Coolidge and James Oleson", New Works, continues this trend. It is not

merely a themed exhibit displaying art for sale, but transcends that. A combination of sculpture, framed paintings, murals over frames, done en situ, spilling over the edges unto the walls creating a pluralistic metanarrative,

Works by John Taormina and Sebastian Coolidge

"New Work" is an unusual and unusually creative show/installation for the Bay area. It is well-integrated, the 2D and 3D worka interact seamlessly, whether on canvas, wall, or a pedestal. This show runs until this Saturday, Nov. 30th, and well worth your time. It is one instance where the whole is greater than the sum of it parts,

685 Central Ave., Saint Petersburg.   .

Work by James Oleson.

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