Monday, November 18, 2013

The Official Suncoast Attractions Map and other brochures...

Sunday I was at Sunken Gardens with my wife and a Tampa friend. After meandering around its flowered mazes and photographing, I retreated for a breather and some coffee in the lobby. As with all other tourist attractions, hotels, etc. there was the ubiquitous wooden box packed with brochures, and tourists steadily stopping and grabbing brochures.

The only things I found on art attractions were MFA cards, a nicely designed Chilhuly/Morean brochure and an Official Suncoast Attractions brochure, perhaps the most comprehensive in the stand.

The Chilhuly/Morean brochure has a map that shows the Chilhuly and Morean, and the MFA and Dali Museums. The Central arts District, and Holocaust Museum are also on the map, and nothing else.

The Official Suncoast Attractions brochure is much larger, and shows the Dali, MFA, Chihuly, and Ringling. Nothing else. 

In other words, no mention of the more than two dozen galleries in the city of Saint Petersburg, the 600 block,  Central Art District or Warehouse District.

--- Luis

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