Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stepping Stones after-school Program has openings for teens.

 [From everything I have seen, this is an excellent program]
Community Stepping Stones is looking for 30 great teens who are committed to developing their art skills while improving their science and career knowledge. Our creative, after-school programs are designed for at-risk youth* interested in using art to inspire their learning and expand their critical thinking. These programs are offered free or at reduced costs for qualified students, but parental commitment is a key ingredient in student selection.  Teens are assigned to special programs depending on whether they want a career in creative work, or just want to grow their communication skills.
  • They enjoy learning from professional instructors, using quality equipment and supplies, and opportunities to experiment with different art techniques.
  • They meet people who “make things happen” in the community.
  • They gain new experiences including field trips to special events, museums and colleges where they participate in art shows and exhibitions.
  • They benefit from coaching which improves their school lessons performance.
  • They learn digital art, photography and web skills.
  • They create a portfolio of their work to present to future colleges.
  • They get assistance finding opportunities for college and careers.
All students must apply to be part of this special program. Register at an Open House or make a private appointment
1101 E. River Cove St., Tampa, FL 33604 (In Sulphur Springs)
Office Telephone: 813-932-1950

* What does "at-risk" mean?  An at-risk student is one who, by virtue of their circumstances, is statistically more likely to than others to fail academically or professionally. Determining criteria:  1.) Minorities  2.) Those characterized by low socio-economic status  3.) Those who are academically disadvantaged  4.) Those who are disabled or have learning disabilities  5.) Students on probationary status over past behavioral issues.

Learn more about Community Stepping Stones:

or call our office at 813-932-1950

Community Stepping Stones is a nonprofit learning center (501c3) offering integrated arts curriculum to inspire, educate & prepare at-risk youth to become successful adults.

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