Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Show Up and Throw Up" @ James Oleson Gallery

We are creatures of habit, settling into routines, and repeating them unquestioningly. It is the same in the arts. In spite of the emphasis on creativity, things are done rigidly in the manner of a ritual whose meaning has been forgotten long ago.

The James Oleson Gallery decided to challenge three assumptions with this show, according to their press release: The idea of curation, and that of juried entries. They did this by having any artists  show up and put their art on the walls of the gallery. Last, this negated the idea of "working from a list" of artists.

James Oleson Gallery, Show up and Throw up show.

 Part of this stems from the gallery and its principal's concerns regarding elitism in art. This show was a reaction to it. I was there while people were signing in and hanging up work. The "sequencing" was random save for the aggressive/competitive drive to hang things at eye level, which was judged by the artists to be the superior spot(s).

Hanging work.

The work ran the gamut of the younger end of the Saint Pete artists. Lots of skulls, and the usual narcissistic melodramas, with notable exceptions.

Tara Radosevich, "Good Girl"

Tara Radosevich's animal avatars are sometimes cloaked in bright fabric. "Good Girl" embodies a cloaked canid with its mouth showing as a kind of vagina edentata. Then there's the tensed-up paw and claws peeping out below the cloak.

Kirstin Eschenroeder, "Whole Parts"
Kristin Eschenroeder's "Whole Parts" is an image of a man, with hands from fans/idolaters reaching out, as a forest of cameras surround him. Celebrity? Famer? The Grecian-looking columns in the background give this the aura of a Roman Victory Parade. The subject of all this attention looks shocked by it.

Emily Miller, "Pink Grrl"

[First, please forgive the intrusion of the painting in the lower 25% of the frame.]

Emily Miller is one to watch. Her background is in sculpture, and she has carried that sense of volume, texture and space into her painting. She is focused presently on current pop culture, including the instruments of social media. Here, a youthful feminine figure in her underwear wades in water inside a cube, holding a flower in her right hand. She has a pink (glitter) halo, like a Catholic Saint, and her blue hair cascades aqueously right into the water.

In the end, this show did not prove the conventions it challenged to be flawed or meaningless. The random sequencing has some really interesting riffs that would have probably never happened in the usual overthought process. It showed that a lot of interesting work will show up without being juried, and that a list excludes many interesting new artists. What "Show up and Throw up" proved was that experimentation and taking chances are wonderful and there should be more of it. The very act of removing the curatorial auteurship from putting on a show was refreshingly daring. Kudos to James Oleson and his crew: John Taormina, Sebastian Coolidge, Aureilius Artist, and many others.

--- Luis

Monday, January 27, 2014

This (That) Awkward Moment Weekend, January 28th - February 2nd, 2014.

Tuesday, January 28th


Every Tuesday we have Open Figure Drawing at Soft Water Studios. Models are nude or partially draped. 2, 5, and 20 minute poses. Easels, benches and tables are available. Bring your own paper & supplies. $7 Model Fee.

6:30pm until 9:00pm in EST

515 22nd Street South, Saint Petersburg

 Wednesday January 29


hey y'all, my good pal PJ Bond is coming back to st. pete with his friend Marko Casso. this show is more on the acoustic side of things, but totally solid. let's hang out!

PJ Bond (north carolina? the open road? hard to nail him down to one location)

Marko Casso

Lonly Monster (wonderful scamp is back in the burg)

Kyle Chason (grocery store wunderkind)

Jeff Brawer (solid dude from Dukes of Hillsborough, Raguckas, Watson, etc.)

It's happening at Planet Retro!

Doors at 7pm

2414 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg,
FREE (Donations definitely encouraged)



Thursday, January 30th 2014

7:00pm until 10:00pm

Vincent J Kral invited you.
GO FIGURE: A New Approach to Figuration

Nostalgia, time and memory are concepts of keen interest to artist Ville Mehtonen. By combining abstraction with figuration, his work blends the familiar with the surreal and forces his audience to reexamine an image's origin.

4101 N. Florida Ave, Tampa
Friday, January 31

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance Celebrates Artistic Inspiration with MUSE@MFA, our inaugural pARTy on Friday, January 31st at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida to pay tribute to those who influence the vibrant artistic culture within our community.

No stiff tuxes – no boring speeches. This creatively charged benefit will ask the question, “Who inspires your creativity?”

During MUSE@MFA, guests will be immersed in a pARTy, infused with the premiere of an interactive digital art exhibit from sponsor, HD Interactive, pop-up performances, artful dinner courses, fashion and a curated auction. The voices and influence of local artists will be inescapable, as they will be featured throughout the evening.

Lina Teixeira, Wearable Art will take the MUSE image and transform it into wearable art that will be showcased at the event. Patrons will be able to bid on it at the Silent Auction and have a unique fashion photo opp!
• Each guest will receive a special treat from sponsor, Viktoria Richards Chocolates, specifically designed for MUSE@MFA.
La Lucha is providing our jazzy backdrop.
• The inimitable Eugenie Bondurant and Paul Wilborn will favor us with delightful song selections.
MagicDewayne Hill will baffle you with his tableside Hand Magic
• Alex Harris and the Arts Conservatory for Teens (ACT) will bring a little Motown to MUSE.
• Derek Donnelly, owner of "SAINT PAINT" Arts and Apparel will provide an up-close-and personal view of a painter at work.
• Singer-songwriter Fran Snyder will preview tunes from the upcoming Office Concerts Series.
• Bruce W. Norris will capture your spirit in caricature.

The presentation of two inaugural MUSE Awards will recognize St. Petersburg artists who are stellar representatives of our city. Help us will shine a spotlight on our creative community by nominating an outstanding St. Petersburg artist, actor, dancer, singer, musician, or writer who is an inspiring representative of our City of the Arts.

The Muse with the most nominations will be recognized with the People’s Choice Award. (Awards designed by Jacob Stout and Mariel Bass of St. Petersburg Hot Glass Workshop/ Duncan McClellan Glass)

Nominations for MUSE ended on January 10, 2014 so get your tickets now to see who the award recipients will be!

Proceeds will benefit arts & cultural organizations supported by Arts Alliance programs and services. Tickets for Muse@MFA start at $100 per person to $500 for a Cabaret table of 4.


Saturday, Feb 1st

No Wheel, No Problem
If you’re looking for a few great, creative techniques offering loads of potential, look no further. Mitch Lyons, a skilled potter for more than 40 years, presents an expertly produced two-part program where he shares some of his unique handbuilding and decorating techniques using a stick and colored clays.
$125 pp per day or $200 for both days

2724 Sixth Avenue S, Saint Petersburg

KSLwill celebrate its 2-Year Anniversary with Localtopia, "A Community Celebration of All Things Local," a FREE family and pet-friendly event *presented by Mazzaro's Italian Market* featuring:

• Over 100 vendors/participants from St. Pete's favorite independent businesses for arts & culture, shopping, eating & drinking, health & wellness + service providers and non-profits * Full list here: http://keepsaintpetersburglocal.org/localtopia-vendors-participants

• Local craft beer garden with the "Drink Like A Local" draft beer truck serving brews from St. Pete's breweries (Cycle Brewing, Green Bench Brewing Co., St Petersburg Brewing Company) and other carefully selected Florida craft brewers (tap list to be announced soon) *Beer Garden Sponsor: Brown Distributing*

• Live music and entertainment all day on the Williams Park bandstand [lineup: ♥ St. Petersburg Opera CompanyJunç´” (Bustamante) ♥ Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz AssociationHalibutElectric Landlady (representing St. Petersburg Music Factory) ♥ Hip Expressions Dance Studio ♥ The Hideaway Cafe "Living Room Live" (in-the-round with Forrest Hoffar, John Holt III, Shane SD Anderson and Ed Woltil) ♥ Rebekah Pulley & The Reluctant Prophets ♥ The Applebutter ExpressBetty Fox Band] *Stage Sponsor: The Hideaway Cafe*

• VIP Vignette seating areas created by St. Pete's beloved antique & vintage shops *VIP Vignette Seating Area Sponsor: Paper Street Market* BOOTHS ARE $50/HOUR BEFORE JAN 31 - $60/HOUR DAY OF EVENT - BOOK VIA THIS LINK: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/localtopia-booking-link-for-vip-vignette-seating-areas-tickets-10243339103

• Children's area with special, engaging experiences

• Live painting by artists Sebastian Coolidge, Derek Donnelly of "SAINT PAINT" Arts and Apparel and James Oleson of The Oleson Gallery onto unique canvases that will then become an art installation in the park

• More surprises to be revealed!
:::::::::: NEW: VILLAGES ADDED TO EVENT ::::::::::
• Skate Village with skate ramp and tricks by Schoolyard Skatepark
St. Pete Indie Market Village - vendors will be announced soon!

->-> Master of Ceremonies: Matthew McGee from freeFall Theatre Company <- br="">
This was our city's first park and we want to help bring it back to what it used to be! Put 2.1.14 down as a great day out in St. Pete for all ages!

* This is a City of St. Petersburg, Florida USA sponsored event *
* Sponsors: Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay / Rent-All City / Rollin' Oats / Visual Impact by: conceptBAIT, inc.
* Media Sponsors: Creative Loafing Tampa ~ iLovetheBurg/ Downtown St. Pete ~ St. Petersburg Tribune/TBO.com
* Promotional Sponsors: St Petersburg Chamber / Visit St. Pete/Clearwater / ARTICULATE Suncoast / THE NEW BARKER

Localtopia artwork created by Donald Ambroziak Design - http://www.donaldambroziak.com/

* Event will also benefit fellow non-profit organizations St. Petersburg Free Clinic and Suncoast Center, Inc. -



Temple Beth El Show 

The best art show in town! This is an invitational, judged indoor exhibit and sale of original artwork including painting, photography, mixed media and so much more. 170 national and internantional award winning artists.
Saturday, February 3: 6pm - 10pm $20 advance $25 at door Gala
Sunday, February 2: 11am - 5pm free admission
Monday, February 3: 10am - 5pm free admission
For more information, go to: www.artfestivalbethel.com

 400 Pasadena Ave. South, Saint Petersburg

Sunday, Feb 2nd

 At Inkwood Books....

Poet/host Diana Browning invites you to attend 1st Sunday Open Mic. Showcase your talent in music, spoken word or comedy. Beer, wine, soda and water will be available for purchase at the event or better yet buy a book!
6:30pm until 9:30pm
216 South Armenia Avenue, Tampa,  


Saturday, January 25, 2014

On the nature of Collaboration.

Collaboration is a much-bandied about word these days. It is a two-for-one deal, advertised as if it were a wrestling match between two greats. 

Mural by Chris Parks and Tes One

Just what is a collaboration? Below is the Art Lex definition. 

From Art Lex...

ccollaboration - Two or more artists working together in a joint effort to produce artworks. Also known as working in an art collective.
Examples include the work of artists whose works require use of specialized techniques such as casting, printmaking, electronics, and engineering. Sometimes artists collaborate simply to insure that their work is not the product of one person. Consider the surrealist technique called exquisite corpse.

And here, the Wikipedia version:

WIkipedia Collaboration is working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals.[1] It is a recursive[2] process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals, (this is more than the intersection of common goals seen in co-operative ventures, but a deep, collective, determination to reach an identical objective[by whom?][original research?]) — for example, an endeavor[3][4] that is creative in nature[5]—by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus.

In the past year or two, several murals and at least two shows claiming to be collaborative have taken place in St. Pete. But they were, with a handful of exceptions at the BL "Duo" show, and one mural by Tes One and Dollah on 1st St N. on the side of the Morean, more like juxtaposed diptychs or collages. That is, two independent, different designs, styles simply put side by side or within one frame.

Mural by Chris Parks and BASK

One can clearly draw a vertical line between the work of each person. There is no apparent synthesis of any kind, other than by the joining of the works, and neither party yields one bit of individuality. There are no apparent shared goals other than throwing up side-by-side work and garnering the added publicity these works generate.

Mural by BASK and Tes One

I would like to see more genuine collaborations, where there are shared interests and consensus evidenced in the resulting work, where a synthesis actually happens, and a "third" artist is manifested in the work. 

Mural by Chris Center and Acud Akut

I spoke with an artist last weekend about this, and he recoiled at the idea, saying that it would grate against his individuality. Exactly! Collaborations can be much like making a film. While theories of auteurship are hotly debated, the nature of cinematic collaboration is not. 

Many of the best-known works of art, through the 15th century, are collaborations, not between artists of equal stature, but the products of several individuals in a shop. 

Mural by Acud Akut and Dollah

Perhaps the shining example of a collaborative mural in Saint Petersburg is on 1st St N, on the side of the Morean property. While it is easy to tell who did what section of this mural, at least the two artists integrated their design into a coherent whole. One cannot throw down a line of demarcation and separate the two. 

I am not saying that any work of art should look a particular way, but that too many of them are at the moment. 

--- Luis


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This Nebraska Week, January 21 - 26, 2014.


Open Figure Drawing at Soft Water Studios Tuesday January 21st. 
Every Tuesday we have Open Figure Drawing at Soft Water Studios. Models are nude or partially draped. 2, 5, and 20 minute poses. Easels, benches and tables are available. Bring your own paper & supplies. $7 Model Fee.
6:30pm until 9:00pm in EST
515 22nd Street South, Saint Petersburg,   



Local writers read the poems, diaries, love letters and stories that summarize their teenage angst and humiliations.
Slade and the Wasters
Y Los Dos Pistoles
Tom's Ragdoll

Sorella Andersen
Elizabeth Augustine
Cole Bellamy
Sheree Greer
Shae Krispinsky
Kat Lynes
Maureen McDole
Samira Obeid
Jeffrey Skatzka
Tommy Slade
Lynn Waddell
Cathy Wos
Craig Young



Ferg's Bar and Grille Presents Larry Ludwig! 

1320 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, Florida   
7:00pm until 10:00pm





This workshop is for creating your very own Oracle Cards and guidebook. We will go over what oracle cards are how they can be used and you will make a set completely unique to you. Sign up now as space is limited for this special workshop!

2425 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713

  • Luis Gottardi

Cool idea!
This workshop is for creating your very own Oracle Cards and guidebook. We will go over what oracle cards are how they can be used and you will make a set completely unique to you. Sign up now as space is limited for this special workshop!

2425 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713

Will you be doing this again? I have the Carnivale Obscura Show at 5:30.

TB Art is going.

wish I could, take lots of pics:)

I would go if I had $50!

Cool idea!


Ruppel Studio Studio proudly presents “Exotic Expression” – a retrospective and accumulation of faces and figurative expressionism by Janet Ruppel.

Join us Saturday evening, the 25th, for our first art party, social and networking event of the year!

Located close to Tyrone Square Mall, this hidden St. Pete arts warehouse is a gallery and studio all in one. Janet’s artwork has spanned the globe from Italy to New York to Santa Barbara. Hear the stories behind her faces and figures while touring this arts venue enjoying beer, wine, food and music. (Please note many works of art do contain adult content.)

Directions: Heading West on 22nd Avenue North, go past Tyrone Mall and turn right on Anvil Street (where Peltz shoes is located). Drive a few blocks, look for signs on the right. Located next to StormFitters, Inc Hurricane Windows.


ART AT BAY Magazine launches with its first issue in January 2014. Join us as we celebrate at the beautiful new Tempus Projects space!

We'll be celebrating with food, drinks, and music by DJ Chago Rodriguez. There will also be issues and subscriptions available for purchase. And if you missed the first QUAID show, the artwork will still be up to view. Don't forget to come hang out with us afterwards at Independent Bar and Cafe, Tampa for an after party! 

4636 N. Florida Ave., Tampa,  _______________________________________

  • Partly Cloudy 59°F / 55°F
  • $5-$10 donation

    Local Jazz Legends David Pate (saxes), Michael Ross (bass), and John Jenkins (drums) let loose. Avante bop at its finest.

    A new jazz sextet. Young blood. Fresh sounds. Original tunes. Members: Jason Charos (tpt), Caleb Murray (saxes), Eli Ponder-Twardy (T.bone), Dominic Walker (gtr), Richard Jimenez (bass), Philip Charos (drums).


Celebrate Live Music at Downtown Tampa's premier wine, tapas and jazz bar, Crumb & Cork with the return of amazing vocalist/songwriter Nikki Shau and keyboardist Elizer Seymore. Nikki will be performing her special brand of fusion jazz/blues/chill originals and standards. A very versatile chill/neo-soul/jazz/r&b singer, Nikki Shau has recorded with many artists, including Chaka Chan, Charlie Wilson, Jeff Lorber, Johnny Guitar Watson, The Gap Band among many others. Originally from the Tampa Bay area, she is an accomplished sound engineer and has produced on many labels. Keyboardist Elizer Seymore is a 23 yr old graduate of The Beny More Music Institute in Cuba and a new vibrant keyboardist. They bring you an evening of innovative grooves. Please join us at Downtown Tampa's best cheese, appetizer and wine bar with ambiance! No Cover Charge!!

"You DO NOT want to miss the legendary vocal stylings of one the East Coast's most accomplished chanteuses."---Crumb&Cork