Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Mural Fund Meeting 12/29/2014

The Mural Fund meeting at the Chamber of Commerce just closed.
Present were:
John Collins (Artists' Alliance)
Diane Shelly (Florida CraftArt)
Denise Deja (Citizen)
Derek Donnelly (Artist)
Frank Strunk (Artist)
Albie Mulcahy (Hair Master)
Jennifer Kosharek (Artist)
Anastacia Schrader (Banker/Regions pop u gallery)
Mr. Schrader (Citizen)
Willi Rudowsky (Wife of Hal Freedman)

I could do minutes of this meeting, but basically here is what happened...

1) It was decided by Diane Shelly, John Collins and Anastacia Schrader that the Indiegogo/Gofund Me money ($1177 presently) should go into an account held by Artists Alliance.

Derek Donnelly pushed the idea that the Woo mural damage requires painting the entire face, which would require a large portion of the money in the fund. I brought up that a restorer naed Carol Dameron viewed that damage in person and said t would be perfectly fixable.

After that it was decided funds will only be reimbursed for materials, not labor (a wise decision).

Any extra money will be kept in a fund for future repairs.

Other agendas pushed were a blackboard wall for short-term murals, which unknown to the three organizational leaders, has already been in existence for a year on the West wall of the Amsterdam bar, owned by John Cullen.

Diane Shelley also pushed the idea of putting term limits on murals, so they could be repainted (without touching on the obvious problems of who gets to paint over whose murals).

Jennifer Kosharek suggested artists act independently of these non-profits and negotiate their own walls with building owners.

 The meeting was barely in control, as Derek Donnelly seethed with open contempt, staring at Jennifer Kosharek and I and saying openly, out of turn, and for no apparent reason: "There are two people here I do not trust." on two or three occasions.

Jenifer Kosharek questioned the way Diane Shelley has handled the mural thing (something other artists have brought up privately, but are afraid to discuss). At that point, the following happened...

Derek Donnelly called Jennifer Kosharek a "Jack Off" clearly, out loud, across the table , and TWICE.

                                  *******While she was holding a 9 month baby!*******

It was an appalling moment, yet the meeting was not called to order (Robert's?). It was closed soon after that.

I published an abbreviated version of this on FB yesterday, and was basically told by several of the participants that I should have not published the sordid event. This, too, is how art works. In board rooms, with people pushing personal agendas and others' by proxy as well. This also includes low points, and casual savagery.

Whitewashing this kind of thing only encourages it. The attitude of several of those present is to sweep this under the rug, and keep it our dirty little secret, enabling the abuser while presenting an unreal image of a perfect, tourist-attracting city.

This is hardly unique to Saint Petersburg. Sadly, it (and worse) happens in every town and city in the world.

A nearly 100 response thread issued on FB...

But Derek Donnelly wasn't done. I received this unsolicited, ghost written, threatening/Bullying text from Derek on my phone...

Being threatened is nothing new for a critic or blogger.. I will gleefully avoid reviewing Derek's work at his request. I have more than enough to do as it is. I feel sorry for those in group shows with him, because they too will not be reviewed (Since I will be asked to leave!) and the gallerists as well.

 This kind of grade-school level bullying and arrogance does nothing to further the image of the arts anywhere. To support such an artist is to encourage this kind of behavior. Is this who we want to be?


*Note that seven days before this meeting, I warned two of the main participants that Mr. Donnelly had been bullying people around regarding this mural repair.

Friday, December 26, 2014

These calendars are avaliable from Jenifer Kosharek. I bought one and they are gorgeous in person. Jennifer can be contacted on Facebook. The calendars are $11 mailed, $5 picked up in Saint Petersburg Florida.


This is what I look like....

Artist takes the initiative and begins the repair of the murals on the 600 blk.

Jennifer Kosharek has repaired her two murals as of Monday this week. Instead of waiting to see where the Indiegogo fundraiser goes and milking it, this single mother of four bought her own paint and proceeded to fix her two murals previously written over.

Jennifer Kosharek repainting part of her mural, "Frida",

New tenants on the 600 blk of Central Ave., St Petersburg

Where Blue Lucy was, a grilled cheese sandwich shop is going to open.

In the former Pale Horse space, a glass shop selling high-end bongs and other paraphernalia will be setting up shop.

Across the street, and the corner shop on the SWest end, the Scientologists are moving in. Expect the block to be littered with pamphlets.

--- Luis


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

To the Artists Alliance, Regions Bank and Gary Burnside

 Be exceedingly careful about who you put in place to oversee the restoration or replacement of the vandalized 600 block murals. Derek Donnelly ordered people on FB to not talk with the media about this, until he did, grabbing the limelight. This act of bullying has been followed by several others, reported publicly on FB and in private.

I was exposed to this myself in a series of texts from Mr. Donnelly.

In my opinion, putting someone in charge who has a clear-cut conflict of interest is a whopping mistake, more so atop undiplomatic leadership (which is as kindly as I can put it). I have spoken to other artists whose murals were damaged, and they're planning to fix them on their own. One already has. They could have all been repaired by now and the issue would be resolved.

The expectations of raising a lot of money through the Indie Go Go fund (at $600 as of this writing) are drawing out those who expect to benefit from it.

Please install competent leadership in charge of this project, someone who does not stand to benefit directly from the fundraising.

--- Luis Gottardi

PS. I have supported Derek Donnelly in the past. His gallery, from the day it opened until the day it closed, reviewed his work, including murals., publicized his events and more.  

You can see the hundreds of photos of Derek I have published here [Link] 


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Photographs of the defacing of the 600 blk murals by HTWOO, which is being investigated as a felony by Police. There is much macho blustering going on about this, with the usual suspects wanting to "break ten fingers" and more.
Acting like gangsters or a lynch mob is not going to further the cause of the Arts in Saint Petersburg.
My view is to let the police and the law do what they're supposed to do. This man has attacked the city.
There is a crowdfunding effort underway to restore the damaged murals.

It is unbelievable that the same man who was furiously ordering everyone not to speak with reporters, because it would give HTWOO and his ilk motivation, then goes and does exactly that.
Sorry, but your cred just dropped to zero in my book.
(Name witheld to protect the guilty)

On the Woo mural.

Electrical box.

Jennifer Koshrek's Frida

Stoic's Annunaki

 Derek Donnelly's Lizard King

Rebekah Lazaridis, Paper Moon.

 Jennifer Kosharek "Gretchen"


Saturday, December 13, 2014

This Theory of Everything Weekend, Dec 13, 2014

It's been gloriously cool this week. The Arts Enclave has gone from possible dream to groundbreaking reality. Blue Lucy and Feathered Serpent are leaving their brick and mortar entities. Second Saturday is this weekend...


We have placed book donation bins all over town to collect books for The Christmas Toy Shop. http://www.christmastoyshop.org/

We are accepting donations of new or gently used children and young adult books until December 18th.

You can find our donation bins at these participating locations:

St. Pete Shuffleboard Club
Banyan Cafe & Catering
Growing Up
Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies
Lonni's Sandwiches Downtown
Creative Clay
Small Business Warehousing (2135 5th Ave S, Ste A. It's 2 warehouses right next to each other, Small Business Warehousing is on the door. They are open 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM.)
The Flying Pig Taphouse
The Amsterdam
Rollin' Oats
The Hideway Bar
Rain Japanese Restaurant And Sushi Bar

Give the gift of reading this holiday season!!! Read and Write on!


GULFPORT, FL---Don’t get your Tinsel in a Tangle…It's time to get your holiday cheer in gear! Support small business and independent artisans and crafters by shopping local! Gulfport Merchant's Association presents the 6th annual Holiday Hoopla on December 13, 2014 from 10am to 6pm. A portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit Operation Santa and Gulfport families in need.

Holiday Hoopla is a celebration of arts, crafts, foods, live music and roving holiday characters set in a waterfront atmosphere amid bright, twinkling, colorful lights. Stroll the decorated streets filled with talented exhibitors and unique shops and galleries. The festival will provide shoppers with one-of-a-kind gifts that cannot be found anywhere else, and all of your holiday shopping can be done in one place!

Visitors will be enchanted by a variety of festive and fun holiday-themed music, holiday carolers, dance performances, and roving street performers. Many types of entertainment will perform during the Hoopla, from local school bands & Choral groups and local musicians to area performing arts groups. Roving performers include Dickens characters and carolers.

Be sure to relax after all the excitement at one of the many Downtown restaurants, pubs, and cafes. Did you know? Gulfport was named one of six national small-town finalists in the “Best For Food” category during the 2011 Rand McNally/USA Today Road Rally? Visit our “village” during the Holiday Hoopla event for some of the best dining choices in Tampa Bay!

Whether you’re a Gulfport resident or a visitor from out of town, there’s plenty to see and do at Gulfport’s Holiday Hoopla Event. With over a half mile of shopping, food, fun, and holiday splendor this festive event will soon become a Tampa Bay holiday tradition!

The Gulfport Merchant’s Association gives back to the community all year round. During the Holiday Hoopla event donations will be collected for Operation Santa (New Toys/Gift cards, etc.), The Gulfport Senior Center Foundation (Non perishable food, toiletries & Pet Supplies). If you are able, please help these organizations in need. Collection Boxes will be located at the Casino Stage at the intersection of Beach and Shore Boulevards during the event. Prior to the event drop off locations include Gulfport Police Department and The Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce.

Holiday Hoopla takes place on Beach Blvd. S. in Gulfport on December 13 from 10am to 6pm. (GPS: 5500 Shore Blvd. S., Gulfport, FL 33707) The event is sponsored by Bright House Networks, Tampa Bay Times and the City of Gulfport. As always, admission and parking are free.

For more information, please go to http://gulfportma.com/ or call 727-322-5217.



 Michele Tuegel Gallery
Dazzle everyone on your shopping list this holiday season with artist-made, artist-designed gifts, from boxed holiday cards and ornaments to a collectible splurge! The gallery is brimming with the colorful spirit of the holidays, so we'll be celebrating all day. Bring friends and family and join us for refreshments.
During the regular ArtWalk hours between 5-9 p.m., customers will receive a free stocking stuffer with their purchase, plus we'll be donating a portion of the evening's proceeds to CERF+, the Craft Emergency Relief Fund. It'll be a great day!


Carolyn Babis at Arts Lofts

The River Series, A Journey From the Outside In. A series of paintings will be on display @ The Art Lofts on Central Avenue in Downtown St. Pete, Studio #210 B. Special event only pricing this evening.





St. Petersburg's Second Saturday ArtWalk presents over 40 galleries and studios in the Waterfront Arts, Central Arts, EDGE, Grand Central, and the Warehouse Arts District coming together as one arts destination.

Visitors will enjoy artful giving and be the first to see new affordable works of art, as ArtWalk is Opening Night where many galleries and studios premiere new works. Some are only open on ArtWalk, and many offer demonstrations and refreshments. It’s impossible to take in the entire ArtWalk in one night! Plan to drive, walk, or take the trolleys to visit the districts of your choice.

Our free trolley shuttles will have an art guide on board talking about each venue on our one continuous trolley loop that goes from the 3rd Street and Central Avenue to deep in the heart of the Warehouse Arts District. You can park for free on 1st Ave N and 1st Ave S from 15th St to 30th Street. Additional parking will be available for trolley riders in the vacant lot at the Northeast corner of Central Avenue and 29th Street (Please note that this is NOT one of our trolley stops). In addition, venues with large free parking lots are Soft Water Studios, the Morean Center for Clay at the Train Station, the Clay Center of St. Petersburg, the Florida Holocaust Museum and the Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum.

Duke Energy is our sponsor. The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, the Arts Association St. Petersburg, the EDGE District, the Grand Central District, and the Warehouse Arts District associations coordinate St. Petersburg’s Second Saturday ArtWalk. The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance strives to be the community voice, the umbrella organization for the arts -- facilitating artists, arts organizations and creative businesses to work collaboratively; empowering the growth of the arts community, and driving arts-related economic development.

Give the Gift of Art Handmade, one of a kind, unique, local art make excellent gifts! Browse, watch and purchase “Where Art is Made”!

Trolley Starts Here at 5pm
Craftsman House Gallery - Make it special - give unique, handmade gifts for the holidays! The gallery is transformed into a Holiday Ocean of Art. Select American artists have been invited to show their works related to the holidays & the ocean. Holiday art in blown glass, clay, jewelry, wood, metal, paintings, paperweights, tiles, lamps, silk scarves, … Representing over 300 American artists. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Craftsman-House-Gallery/158706022997

Charlie Parker-Pottery - 2724 6th Avenue S. – Handmade for the Holidays. Looking for that perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table or maybe a new platter and matching gravyboat for your turkey, we have it. Need some great gift ideas for that hard to buy for person in your life, look no further then Charlie Parker Pottery. With over 12 artists to choose from we have something for everyone. https://www.facebook.com/events/1535777223332470/

Zen Glass Studio - 600 27th Street South - Enjoy live glassblowing, auctions, demonstrations and a gallery show of our newest creations. Featuring the works of Zen Glass artists Joshua Poll, Dave Walker, and Christian Zvonik https://www.facebook.com/ZenGlassStudio

Funktionhouse Urban Lumber & Furnishings - 562 25th St. S - One-of-a-kind quality wood furnishings and lighting. Also supply unique slabs, turning blanks, and lumber to artists and craftsmen world-wide using urban trees cut down and discarded from St. Pete neighborhoods. Love for wood and passion for the environment is translated into beautiful warm, modern, and elegant designs. https://www.facebook.com/Funktionhouse

Duncan McClellan Glass - 2342 Emerson Avenue South - Join hot glass artists Mariel Bass and Jacob Stout for the opening of "Holiday Heat". Mariel and Jake will each premiere new bodies of work, and will be blowing glass in the Hot Shop beginning at 6:15 and throughout the evening. https://www.facebook.com/DuncanMcClellanGlass

Clay Center of St. Petersburg - 420 23rd Street South – Hosting a string quartet playing Christmas music while visitors stroll through our 6800 square foot studio. Visit with the artists, see a large bowl throwing and sculpture demonstrations while talking with the artist. Visit our sale gallery for unique holiday gifts! https://www.facebook.com/ClayCenterofStPetersburg

Soft Water Studios - 515 22nd Street South - Featuring a rotating fine art gallery of paintings, photography, pottery and sculpture by our diverse and talented resident artists. Truly a place "where art is made" guests will be able to meet the artist as they open their studios to the public for Artwalk. https://www.facebook.com/sws.art.art/timeline

Mga Sculpture Studio - 515 22nd Street South - A commission driven sculpture facility that specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of sculptural objects in a variety of mediums from cartable materials to metal fabrication. Currently working on several large scale commissions for local private entities and across the country. https://www.facebook.com/MgaSculpture

Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum - 2240 9th Avenue S. - Showcasing a collection of art by noted African American Artists over the holidays. There will be pieces exhibited by some of their most distinguished artists. They will "Deck the Walls." On display will be a collecton of Black Santa's, Black Dolls, and Black Angels as they celebrate the spirit of Christmas. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Carter-G-Woodson-African-American-Museum/116551169863

Uniquely Original Arts - 915 24th Street South, Angels all around us...mix media. https://www.facebook.com/uniquelyorginalarts?fref=ts

Gallerie 909 - 909 22nd Street South - Shapes of Time, Shades of Concern. Featured artist Marian Howard. https://www.facebook.com/events/254421481394995/

Morean Center for Clay - 420 22nd Street South - Members annual holiday sale offering the largest selection of locally made ceramics. Offering a fabulous selection of gifts for every taste and everyone's budget. https://www.facebook.com/CenterForClay

Richard Clark and Jim Corp - Five Deuces Galleria Building - 420 23rd Street South - Paper and paint, prints and canvas. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=739036012796403

Nancy Smrekar Art Studio - 2135 3rd Avenue South, Unit #5, Five Deuces Galleria Garden Building. Featuring acrylic/oil paintings in impressionism, realism, and abstract styles by emerging artist Nancy Smrekar. https://www.facebook.com/nancysmrekar.artist

St. Petersburg Opera Company - 2145 1st Ave South - An exhibit of paintings by Mirella Cimato Smith that is themed in conjunction with our upcoming production of Neapolitan Festival / Pagliacci. Mirella is Italian by birth and her work is very colorful and lively. It is well suited to the idea of an Italian street festival. https://www.facebook.com/StPeteOpera

From Mayan Hands - From Mayan Hands - 2006 Second Avenue South - Featuring living Mayan Indian artists work from the highlands of western Guatemala. Their handmade art includes sculpture, santos, dance masks, textiles, ceramics and ceremonial objects. Exhibiting unique 19th and 20th century handmade religious folk art treasures. https://www.facebook.com/NewWorldImportsInc

Creative Clay - 1114 Central Avenue - Live music and the largest folk art collection in the region. On exhibit Gatherings, featuring collections of friends and holiday homecomings. Handmade holiday ornaments and unique gifts. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Creative-Clay/129582707070749?sk=timeline

Trolley Starts Here at 5pm
Feathered Serpent Gallery - 1018 Central Avenue – Featuring "Angels of Light" by Mexican artist Jose SolEda Palacios - mixed media paintings, Mexican chocolate and surprises. Latin American Art and gifts. https://www.facebook.com/events/1527926627452672/

Florida Holocaust Museum - 55 5th Street South - Featuring work by Murray Zimiles, a well-established artist, whose work can be seen in the New York City’s MoMA The Museum of Modern Art, has donated over 120 striking, mixed-media pieces to the Museum's permanent collection.

Michele Tuegel Contemporary - 320 Central Avenue - Good Cheer! Holiday open house - refreshments and a free stocking stuffer gift with purchases that evening. A portion of gallery sales will benefit CERF+, the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, benefiting artists in need across the country and in our own backyard. https://www.facebook.com/MicheleTuegelContemporary/timeline?ref=page_internal

The Gallery - 200 Central Ave S. (entrance on 1st Avenue South across from Midtown Sundries) - An exhibition of new works by Jason Brueck, an artist utilizing digital collage to create images that explore the concept of past versus present. Entrance on the corner of 1st Ave S & 2nd St S. https://www.facebook.com/thegalleryart

SHAPIRO'S Gallery - 300 Beach Drive NE. Featuring 250 of the finest American craftsmen. Unique gifts, jewelry, blown glass, pottery and metal art. https://www.facebook.com/shapirogallery

Lynn Merhige Gallery - 216 Fourth St North - Choose a beautiful porcelain center piece for your holiday table by Robin McKay or purchase a folk art painting by Izzy Friedmann. Izzy donates his proceeds to a food bank in his hometown of Asheville, NC. Izzy's generosity is truly in the spirit of holiday giving. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lynn-Merhige-Gallery/146904772019134?pnref=story

Art on 1st - 550 First Avenue North – Featuring jewelry by Meredith Haws. Unique trinkets to turn even the toughest Christmas critics. Come shop and toast with us. https://www.facebook.com/Arton1st/timeline?ref=page_internal

Florida CraftArt - 501 Central Avenue – Holiday extravaganza! The ultimate shopping experience with fine jewelry, clay, glass, ornaments & more handcrafted by Florida’s most talented artists. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Florida-Craftsmen-Inc/352815711033?fref=ts

The Art Lofts of St. Petersburg, FL - 10 Fifth Street North (upstairs) - Art for Giving is a group show featuring the work of ArtLofts’ artists. Work includes photography, painting, sculpture, jewelry, copper, & mixed media. ArtLofts at Florida CraftArt is a community of 18+ working artist studios, located directly above Florida CraftArt https://www.facebook.com/artlofts

St. Pete Art Works - 635 Central Ave - A cooperative art gallery with guest artist exhibitions and multimedia events.
Featured artist: Wire and mixed media sculpture by Judy Vienneau https://www.facebook.com/St.PeteArtWorks?fref=ts

Graphi-ko Gallery/ Jewelry - 669 Central Avenue - Continues its exposition, Impressions, featuring the work of Emmy Award Winner Jerry Penacoli, host of Daytime and correspondent for Extra, and Sarasota artist, Painter Loki. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Graphi-ko-Gallery-Jewelry/125300180883521

Strands of Sunshine - 8 Sixth Street N - Find locally crafted goods, Christmas tree ornaments, holiday and Judacia jewelry by Armillata Designs, and a special collection of Strands of Sunshine jewelry. Gift wrapping station for all in-store purchases. Customize a sweet, handcrafted tag to top off your thoughtful gift! https://www.facebook.com/StrandsofSunshine/timeline

Morean Arts Center - 719 Central Avenue - No Time Like the Presents Holiday Show and Sale continuing thru the first week of Jan. "Art" the Morean dolphin will be campaigning to buy local, buy unique, buy art this Holiday season. Offering a fabulous selection of gifts for every taste and everyone's budget. https://www.facebook.com/MoreanArtsCenter/timeline

ARTicles Art Gallery & Custom Framing - 1445 Central Avenue - Featured Artist: The Crafty Hag / Coralette Damme celebrates each holiday season by making delightful handcrafted art treasures (linoleum block, wood cut, rubber stamp and silk screen prints) inspired by wonder, nostalgia, and the natural world. Come see what she's been up to this Fall! https://www.facebook.com/ArTiclesIncCustomFramingArtGallery

1 of 1 Customs - Handpainted Everything!/Q Rubini - 1701 1st Avenue North - Custom painted everything, putting paint where it ain't! Handcrafted leather goods. Hand smocked children's clothing. Free samples of Mo's Mint Julep Craft Soda Pop. https://www.facebook.com/pages/1-of-1-Customs-Handpainted-Everything/115016055207067

Us Artists Group, LLC- Electric Zoo Studios - 1741 First Avenue North - Video/Audio and graphic production studios and live event space for video/film/art and music projects. Utilizing a large green screen "cyc" wall provides scenic music video productions and "live" performances, plus corporate, art charities and specialty projects. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Us-Artists-Group-LLC-Electric-Zoo-Studios/693304274028442?ref=br_tf

Art Central Studios - Art Central Building, 2109 Central Avenue, 2nd Floor - Six established visual artists - Carol Dameron, Mary Grieco, Frank Lewis, John Bartone, Herb Snitzer and Zala Highsmith, will be showing and speaking about their most recent works. http://www.artcentralstudios.com/

Grand Central Stained Glass & Graphics - 2401 Central Avenue - An array of terrific glass artists on hand, each working on their current piece - stained glass, fused glass or mosaics! Curious? Want to chat? The students are happy to visit with you, answering questions about the art form and more. Sweet treats, coffees, teas, and cocoa are always available! https://www.facebook.com/grandcentralstainedglass/timeline

Creative Soul Studio : Coffee, Wine, Art - 2425 Central Avenue, The return of Jonathan Madzinga our African artist in residence. https://www.facebook.com/CreativeSoulStudio

Augustine Ludovico Studio & Academy of Art - 2851 1stAve North - Experience the extraordinary gift of portrait artist, Eckwood Ellison. Seeing his demonstration is a must! Also on display - work by James McPhail, Chuck Staunko, the resident artists, and many more Paintings and jewelry for sale, with artists available to visit. Light hors d'oeuvres. Stop by to get that perfect gift for someone special! https://www.facebook.com/AugustineLudovicoStudio

Our partner associations also have great listings for art events!!
Keep Saint Petersburg Local
Grand Central District Association
Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association

Choose 4 or 5 to visit this Saturday then come back the next Second Saturday to visit more!


Hi-5, Celebrating FIVE years of TEMPUS Projects in Seminole Heights
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 13, 7–10 PM
4636 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL

TEMPUS Projects presents ”Hi-5, Celebrating FIVE years of TEMPUS Projects in Seminole Heights”, an exhibition of works on paper with the theme of ‘FIVE’, as well as featuring some of our very favorite and most talented artists from the last five years. This exhibition opens on Saturday, December 13th with an opening reception from 7-10 PM and runs through January 3 , 2015 . Exhibiting artists include George Anderton, Wendy Babcox, Hildebrando Bellizzio, Neil Bender, Jeremy Chandler, Ryan De La Hoz, Becky Flanders, Corbett Fogue, Joe Griffith, Vince Kral, Gigi Lage, Lauren Moradi, Justin Bryan Nelson, Kym O’Donnell, Taylor Pilote, Anthony Record, Mario Schambon, Ryann Slauson, Brian Taylor, Christopher Wharton and more.

The Hi-5 celebration is also our annual fundraiser. The event is free and open to the public but a suggested donation of $5 is greatly appreciated. With every $5 donation attendees will receive a raffle ticket and a chance to win our last remaining Sustainer Container. Sustainer Container members receive a free gift from either Tempus Projects, a featured artists, or one of our generous sponsors at every opening reception, through May of 2015...it's a locker full of fabulous surprises that just keeps getting better! Our Sustainers are also welcomed to the gallery a half-hour early to every opening reception to enjoy refreshments and to celebrate with a guest curator, featured artists or other Tempus VIPs. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased to increase your chances of winning the last coveted Sustainer Container and other fun prizes , gift certificates and gift baskets from local business !

In addition to the opening reception and fundraiser, Tempus Projects will be hosting a Hi-5 POP-UP Shop, featuring artist prints, a selection of curated art books from Blue Bird Books Bus, and special limited edition of Tempus Tees created for the T EMPUS five year celebration. The pop up-shop will also feature small-scale original artworks for under $500. Our POP-UP shop is a great place to pick up artist merchandise such as notebooks, buttons, stationary, wallets, tees, barware, stickers, cards, and other great treats and gifts just in time for the holidays...so bring your shopping list and get ready to shop! The Hi-5 POP-UP Shop opens Saturday, December 13, 2014 just in time for all the other festivities. The Hi-5 POP-UP Shop will remain open with extended hours through the year-end holidays.

Located at 4636 N. Florida Ave.Tampa, Florida 33603 in South Seminole Heights, TEMPUS P rojects is highly regarded as cultural catalyst and a neighborhood touchstone. It has contributed greatly to the district’s emergence as a unique and creative local destination. In acknowledgment of its contributions to the arts and the community, Tampa’s Creative Loafing awarded TEMPUS Projects the "Best Alternative Art Space" Loafie award for four consecutive years. TEMPUS Projects has worked in collaboration with Experimental Skeleton, Silver Meteor Gallery, Tampa’s Downtown Partnership, Blue Bird Books and Creative Loafing.

What: Hi-5, Celebrating FIVE years of Tempus Projects in Seminole Heights; Public reception/art exhibition & POP UP SHOP, refreshments.
When: Saturday, December 13, 2014, 7-10 pm
Where: Tempus Projects , 4636 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33603
More: After Party at the Mermaid Tavern, 10 pm.
This opening reception is sponsored in part by the Mermaid Tavern.
Please join us at the Mermaid after the opening at 6719 N Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL 33604

Media Contact:
Tracy Midulla Reller, TEMPUS Projects Founder and Creative Director



Saturday, December 6, 2014

This Walk Among the Tombstones Weekend, Sat 12/6 and Sun 12/7 2014

Nineteen days to Christmas, and I wish it was already over. Bah, Humbug. 2014 too. Glad I didn't go to Art Blah-sel. It seems less relevant every year.


Saturday, Dec 6th


Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to be part of the 10th edition of Aqua Art Miami, which holds a "particular interest in supporting young and established galleries with strong emerging and mid-career artists." Featuring works by Pierre Mabille and Dominique Labauvie in Mindy Solomon Gallery room #107.

Fair Hours:
Access for Art Miami, CONTEXT, Aqua Art Miami VIP Cardholders & Press
Wednesday, December 3 // VIP Preview 3 pm - 10 pm

General Admission:
Thursday, December 4 12 pm - 9 pm
Friday, December 5 11 am - 9 pm
Saturday, December 6 11 am - 9 pm... See More


We have placed book donation bins all over town to collect books for The Christmas Toy Shop. http://www.christmastoyshop.org/

We are accepting donations of new or gently used children and young adult books until December 18th.

You can find our donation bins at these participating locations:

St. Pete Shuffleboard Club
Banyan Cafe & Catering
Growing Up
Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies
Lonni's Sandwiches Downtown
Creative Clay... See More


Join us Saturday, Dec. 6th for our annual holiday sale featuring the many talented artists at Charlie Parker Pottery. Enjoy cookies and cider while you shop and for a small donation or purchase of $20 or more join us at the champagne bar. Come check out our in-house specials this day only! 



You and yours are invited to the Zen Glass Studio 13th annual holiday party and gift sale.
A "Festival of Light"
Drinks - Eats - Arts - Fire - Glass - Party - Music

All Day & Night
Sale starts at 10am
Party starts around 7pm

- DJ - M.P. will be spinning records -
- Lourenda Pearl Cooper will be selling her knit hats -
- Mark Tomac will have one of a kind t-shirt art Mark Nicholas Island Tattoo
- Glass galore from all of the studio artists will be available for sale ... See More



"The Sublime Operator and the Science of Dropped Calls"

>>December 6 will be the party for the Three Year Ventureversary - Champagne is encouraged, partying is

7pm - $5

Largely taking inspiration from cognitive processes, Blasko's work frequently maps out these internal functions by referencing complex systems in the external world such as architectural drawings, blueprints, floor plans, technical illustrations, and various types of mapping. His artwork is analytically developed, yet retains a playful character as skillfully conceived components are often blended with found objects.


In addition to creating an installation piece in The Venture
Compound, Blasko will be performing with Sean Hamilton (Director of the Hyperbolic Chamber Music series), Kevin von Kampen (percussion) and Jacqui Dugal (dance).

7pm - opening reception
8:30pm - Performance


Day One: https://www.facebook.com/events/302057023317248/?ref=5

Day Two: https://www.facebook.com/events/826157944100967/?ref=5

Day Three: https://www.facebook.com/events/1736704726555561/



"My Love MHz lives in New York City and creates understated electronic music that is as equally influenced by modern digital culture as it is by Krautrock and Berlin-school electronic artists of the 70's. It is founded on the idea that even in the precise, cold, calculative world of computer music, tribal rhythms and emotions are undeniably emergent."

Proxemia - St. Petersburg

Incandesced - St. Petersburg

Dogs in Reverse - Lakeland

8PM // $5 // All Ages // BYOB




Calling all poets, musicians, storytellers, comedians - whatever your talent come on out and show us what you got at Sunday Nite Open Mic. Always held the first Sunday each month. Duckweed is located in the heart of downtown Tampa and all meters are FREE on Sundays.

What happened to the musicians last month? Was it too cold? We poets must be a heartier group cause we came out in force, the musicians, not so much. I promise our sound guy Moe St. Evergreen can make anyone sound awesome. Check us out.


The Bondi Sculpture by the Sea Festival.

In Australia, there is a yearly festival that brings sculptures and installations to their famous Bondi Breach for three weeks. The Bondi Sculpture by the Sea Festival merges art with the intrinsic attraction of their beach, making it a temporary public seaside art space. 


It is a highly successful festival that brings a huge number of visitors -- and tourist dollars --to an already popular beach. The festival is so successful that it has been emulated in other countries with beaches.

Florida has over 700 miles of sandy, usable beaches. It is only a matter of time before Miami Beach does this. Think of what a great festival this would make for say, Saint Pete Beach. It is unfortunate that Pinellas County has zero regard for the arts, given its $0.00 (Nothing) arts budget. 

 This is a proven fomula that has been repeated in various locations all over the world. It could easily work here, and requires zero vision on the part of the County, just mimicking what has been done in several places successfully. It seems perfect for Pinellas County Beaches.

--- Luis